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how do u meet trey songz!?!


  • how do u meet trey songz!?!
    August 23, 2009

    i love trey soo much! everyone who has pix with him, pleaseeee tell me how u get to meet him! (:thanx.

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on Aug 23, 2009 - 01:15AM

i love trey soo much! everyone who has pix with him, pleaseeee tell me how u get to meet him! (:thanx.

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I have never met him either but I'm just going to be patient because I know my time is coming and when it do I might b speechless!!!

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i met him before i became an angel through a radio contest, since i've became an angel i will be meeting him for the third time saturday. you can participate in angel missions, and/or vip tickets

Never give up on meeting Trey, im sure you'll meet him soon :)'s picture

You can become a member of Trey's Angels and receive a chance to do Angel Missions or even receiving great deals on concert VIP tickets...

I've met him : )

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I want to meet him too! I wanted to get meet and greet tickets but you have to buy two and I don't know anyone else who will pay that much to go see him but I am hoping I can go to a CD signing or something like that soon I live in VA and missed the ones for the PPP tour so I wish you luck and if you do let us know :)

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first time i got lucky thru a connect to go to an exclusive interview n stuff wit Trey back in '07.... the times since then that i've seen him..... i was able to get to him only because he knows me.

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By being an Angel.

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omg me toooo i really wan to meet trey just to tell him that his music mean the world to me i really cant afford to buy 2 vip tickets i wish they would allowed u to buy 1 vip ticket , but i knw my day will come soon

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I met him simply through the radio...u jus need to listen out for when the radio stations will announce him comin for a concert...and most of the time they will do a meet and greet at the station...also they will tell u if he is doing autograph and cd signings...i thought my chance would never come but it finally don't give up girl...

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I really want to meet him too but cannot afford to pay for two VIP tickets, only one (ATL)

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I usually meet Trey by luck. It's a right place, right time kind of thing. You gotta keep a look out for in-store CD signings or if he's gonna be at your radio station you may be able to wait outside and meet him. Or if your old enough to go to a club, but those clubs can be super crazy sometimes O_o Same goes for any concerts, sometimes you may be able to wait after a show. You never know what may happen. Just stay positive and be patient. You may get to meet him when you least expect it.