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    March 15, 2011

    I don't want to know anything about this anymore...

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on Mar 15, 2011 - 01:48AM

I don't want to know anything about this anymore...

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I wonder, are you still here? lol

Lol @Babidollface1

with the fact-of-the-matter answer

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Im not understanding why you are inquirring about how you delete this account. If you dont want to know anything why even post a discussion>? Just never log back in. Is it that difficult ?'s picture

@COOGIdown @S Shorty Hi ladies hope that both of you are well..... :O)'s picture

I am disheartened by this post and I sincerely hope that you choose to stick around and let us Angels and fans show you that we REALLY do embrace you and want you here with the family of women / men who are here bonded by the same purpose ====> To stand in support of the man behind Trey Songz (Tremaine), for the music, and the fellowship, and to grow the brand and create an awareness of the need in our communities. I absolutely "Hate" that the growing negativity, the speculation, the attitudes, the whining, and growing Trey Drama / gossip is driving people away from sharing in an experience that ultimately was initially designed to bring us "closer" together. However the more those of us who are here for the right reasons move away from the blogs and the sites then we are helping to weaken the progress of Tremaine's vision for what we were created to be on this site, and I hope that you decide that you will be strong through it and join those of us who are striving to change things and make this a better experience for "ALL" who want to be here. :O) If we have driven you away I apologize, if you decide to come back we welcome you with open arms. Also I thank you for even coming on the site to give it a chance and for supporting Tremaine in any capacity!!! :O)

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@SShorty.... doesnt look like thats the case!

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@Thread starter

I'm not surprised lol...but I think you delete it by sending an email request.

Go to the thread "We Want to Hear From You" and ask in there...someone asked the same question in there once & it was answered. All the best Ms.Justine


I'll take a guess and say that most likely she saw that the Board is really geared for the Trey's Angel and by the looks of it
she's not one...she probably thought that there was no point in sticking around.

Or maybe she just stopped liking Trey and decided as an artist, he wasn't for her...

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I have 2 separate accounts, this is the only one I use now because of my Angel membership & I'd like to know how to delete my other one..

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Aww sad... why?