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I have Trey songz fan voicemail #, have any ladies used this number?


  • I have Trey songz fan voicemail #, have any ladies used this number?
    July 29, 2010

    His number is - 804 - 335 - 0051

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on Jul 29, 2010 - 05:46PM
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this number doesn't even work anymore lol's picture

Angle411 this is trey old say now number. He doesnt use it anymore. I have spoken to him when he was live on say now he is totally silly and hillarious and so sweet. I miss the say now days but i am so proud of my baby he is doing big things and I am so excited for him and everything that God is blessing him with.

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is this really is voice male

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For real i wanna holla at to i bet he a sexy voice

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yes i have one, i use it from time to time to just so i can hear his voice, and i feel as if i am talking to him....bus the i never he different numbers. however i will try all of them. the one i have is the same as mrs songz. yh i am rlly obsessed.

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@mrs songz try 877-557-6649 if you're outside of the US they're both the same.

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what country are yal in coz it says it doesn't exist in SA 8043350051

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yea thats the say now number. thats the number in the beginnin of " lol :) ".'s picture

Isn't that the "say now" number? I haven't used it because I heard he hasn't done it in awhile BUT I have 877 - 557 - SONGZ (6649). Its cool he leaves messages and you can connect with other fans.

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that some old ish, idk if he even checks that any more. :/

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are youll the only ones on here

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hey girl am treybaby69 i see u love trey thats cool he got a number

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Oh you go girl! I wish you luck! :)

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yes i have used this # a couple of times to see if i am getting closer to meeting him one day in my life.