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I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?


  • I Think Trey Should Follow All Of His Trey Angel's Agree or Disagree?
    September 14, 2010

    i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

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on Sep 14, 2010 - 04:18PM

i just think that it would be so amazing if he just followed all of his Trey Angel's back on Twitter .

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im so happy all of yall agree with me ! (= follow me . @TreysAngelLex , i follow back asap !'s picture

trey follow meee pleaseeee :-) @iHeart_Songzx33

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agreed...trey follow me on @scheboogie... please and thanks :) love ya

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i was jus gonna tweet about that ; follow me everyone @_iReddLipsticx ; i follow back :)

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@Twirl_J Follow me!!!

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i 100% agree its only right... ;-)

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Yes follow me @nonnie89 and He did his thing in the ATL in august for the passionpainpleasure tour but now I'm ready for the OMG tour to hit houston!!!

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I totally agree. He should especially follow me @2R3AL. I love yout Tremaine and you did your thing last night @ the Beacon thanks for repeating me and touching my hand. Im still astonished.

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I agree.....110% Follow me plz..@BriAaliyah.. I FUCKIN LOVE YU TREY!!!

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Oh most def......I mean it's all about us giving Trey the motivation to do what GOD has blessed him with. And in turn he gives us (well me) the desire to want to keep loving him and his music. Trey if you read this please tell me why you haven't been to Florida since April, I mean all these tours and Florida isn't getting any love. I'm in Duvalll and we love the hell out of you here. Anyway, follow me @ TreyDayUrDay. IheartU!!!! Angie B.

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I agree yuuup

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Yeah ; he should do that ! Follow me @iHeart_Songzx33

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Of course he should follow all the TRUE angels
btw Follow @DivaD_Divine

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Lol who's NOT gonna agree to this? lol Definitely should. Start with me @_MrsStealYoBoy_ Love you boo! Lol =)

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Oh yeah and Angels follow me @DivaMsGabbyBaby

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I swear I jus thought the same thing about 2 weeks ago!!! Craziness. But yeah, I really think he should...I mean is there any reason why he shouldn't??'s picture

I agree too!!! We go too hard for him!!!

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I so frickin agree... It would be cool as heLL If he does that... I mean we go hard for Trey all day since the beginning. I think it's hella cool that we are now in a special unit... Now classified as " Trey Angels". I mean it makes ya feel good to be apart of such a special movement. But yeah... I think we should add each other even if Trey doesn't (hopefully he does... Pause * praying) So we all could form a strong c'monnn Fellow Trey Angels. Let's get together and support one another. Shoot I'm from Buffalo, NY and there aren't many artists that come here. Maybe every few years. But it always been my mission to finally see Trey perform up close in concert and to meet him. It's so hard when no one comes here to HSBC Arena. Idk... But maybe as angels we could keep each informed bout Treys upcoming events/concerts... That would be cool. That's if y'aLL want. Add me @ myheartpumps4u

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and we can follow each other too ! @orlancia

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good idea && if or whenever he dos mine is !
holla atcha girlll :)

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I agree with you all I like the idea. Follow me @Ms_ChinaDollLes

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I sooo agree also!!! we work hard for trey! it would be great!

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I so agree with u... I hope he see's ur post. Follow me Trey @myheartpumps4u

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I agree trey follow me @doittome_papi :)

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i agree

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I agree yuuup