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If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?

TreySongzWifey3's picture
on July 26, 2009 - 8:40pm
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If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??



iSparks87's picture

The song I would want him to sing to me is a bit of a throwback. I would want Trey to sing the Just Wanna Cut Prelude to me. I absolutely LOVE that Prelude. He's hittin all the right notes & melodies and he's saying all the right things to make you, well.......nevermind. You get it lol. I love the way he sings.

ATGalways's picture

Always in my heart by TEVIN CAMBELL, that is my jamm's picture

I would have to say red lipstick.I dont why i like that song.Lol

Trinal's picture

I would love for Trey to sing Ribbon In The Sky by Stevie Wonder. I absolutely love this song, if and when I get married this will be my wedding song. Come on Trey Sing this for me.

baby-kaye's picture

it would definately be FIRST LOVE

Treysbabe1's picture

I would be either "All the Ifs" and "Blind" my favorites.

Gashlie's picture

Neighbors know my name or Can't be friends.That's too crazy. Love these songs

Paris's picture

If my Trey could sing any song to me it would be Wonder Woman. I luv that song and he looks so good on that video!!! Luv u Trey! Hope to see u again...

xoxasmile4u's picture

First Love because I will defientely be his first true love if he really got to know me. Also I would want him to sing Let's Chill I really love that song and I want an opportunity to chill with him. LOL

trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture

Black Roses, Love Lost, Massage would get us in trouble!

Shaleica's picture

love faces...Thats my song or Massage =_)

MysBlu4's picture

I would want him to sing "Does She Know". His voice is heavenly on that track!

LovelyDove's picture

I would want him to do a cover of brian mcknight=back at one,,! because that song is so pretty and i want to here him sing it's picture

one love, bcus of the passion whn he sings it.

TreysBabyyDoll's picture

One Love, Jupiter Love, and Missing You

Treys Wife_4's picture

one lolove because its a marrying song

crazikals13's picture

either jupiter love or Already Taken

Amonie's picture

missing you, flatline, and just gotta make it...

mar_mar12344's picture

invented sex ,jupitar love,already taken ,cant be friends because his voice is so beautiful and i always feel it when he sings.

SymoneNeverson's picture

it would be "On Top" and "Jupiter Love" because those are my favorite songz

ms aliyah ♥'s picture

i would want him too sing invented sex and panty droppa

MsNewNew92's picture

it would have to be "In The Middle" or anythinq of his choice but whatever he sing to me i would be happy

Trini gyal's picture

If I got to meet Trey, the song I would choose for him to sing to me is love lost...

Ms.Brown's picture

i would want him to sing on top and pantie droppa

KellyLoveSongz's picture

If he could sing to me, should be "on top" .. i love this song's picture

If he could sing one song it would be! " Just got to make it" One of his raw and uncut!! Love it!!

JamRoC_4eVa's picture

it would b DRU HILL(never make a promise) cuz thats my song...

ilovetreysongz2010's picture

if trey songz could sing me any song it would prolly b i want you, because that is my favprite song by him.

B0ssyChiQ06's picture

I Would Want Him To Sing "We Should Be"



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