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If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?


  • If Trey Songz could sing any song to u what would it be?
    July 26, 2009

    If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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on Jul 26, 2009 - 08:40PM

If you got to meet Trey Songz and he was gonna sing a song to u wat song would you want it to be and why??

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The song that i would have Trey sing 2 me is " You Belong 2 Me".... its just somethang about the way he sing that song... that just drive me KRAZZZY....

ayOifcking♥TreyS's picture

ahhh he can sinqq mee his wholee "READY" cd , i?him .

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if I could have any song by Mr. Songz it would be Sticky jus joking. It would be "Be Where You Are" and if he would do another for me it would Be...."You Belong To Me"!

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It would be your side of the bed

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i would love to hear love lost because i've been there and he imspires me to let go and God

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i would Love 4 him 2 sing does she know and i need a girl

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My song wud hav 2 b "Panty Droppa" bc the way he jus sings this song turns me on....

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last time !!!!!! cuz I luc this song it's just freakin amazing :P

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mine would be one love

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i would have 2 say jupiter love because i have the biggest fantasy wit trey to this song and its only rite

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I would want Trey to sing to me Last Time because I think it's a sexy song that fits his beautiful voice !!!

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I would love for Tremaine to sing I'm comin For You to me. I have always loved that song. It has such an old school feel and it makes me think about him actually doin all he could to get to me!

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I would have to say cant help but wait.....

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I really like the song my son listens too which i myself listen too now every morning after i drop him off. lol......not sure wat its original title is but the song goes: IF I COULD HAVE ANYTHING, PUT IT ON EVERYTHING, IT WOULD BE YOU YOU YOU, I WOULD HAVE YOU YOU YOU!!!!!!

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If it had to be one of his own songs I would definetly say " One Love" however I would to have Trey sing " Lady in my life" by Micheal Jackson. That song is sooooooo pretty and I know with every bit of me that Trey would kill it!

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dats easy ONE LOVE!!!!

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we gon re invent sex all day

{u got dis from lil bit}

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It would definately be neighbors know my name, thatz lyke my fav song in the whole world i mean dammmmmmm!

babyjb1214's picture

i invented sex he can prove he invented sex seriously

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the song i would luv trey tot sing to me is It Would Be You.i jus luv it

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i would say one love then invented sex

Mizz2independent's picture

It would definately be invented so we can get crackin'

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Seriously though I love the song Don't Wanna Come Down! Everytime I hear that song it just make me get up and dance! "You can be my boo you so cute with now makeup!"

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He can sing whateva he wants to sing! He can freestyle for all I care! His voice is so amazing, he would sound good singing whateva!

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if would have to be one love because i just love the way he sings that song it just makes me melt lol

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Okay I would choose "Does he do it" , bcuz I've been asked this quite a few times by a guy or two and it signals that he's trying to have one up on the next; good girls dont kiss and tell...LoL and the other "Last Time", bcuz this is a situation I've been in well sort of kinda still in with a long term ex/friend that can't seem to break for some reason at least for me until the right guy comes along. Anyway, I enjoy all of Trey's songs and he could serenade me with either, bcuz they all have meaning to them in some way.

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The main song that i would like Trey to sing is Sex For Yo Stereo. That song is just make me go crazy:)