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If you could spend 24hrs with trey songz how and what would you do that day?


  • If you could spend 24hrs with trey songz how and what would you do that day?
    September 22, 2011

    What to do

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on Sep 22, 2011 - 03:31PM

What to do

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@cuttigurl609: Thanks sis! That's right talking it into reality. We are winners already. LOL

Yes I'm planning my 24 hour day now. LOL

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lol @shawnae

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@JIMS I hope we win too. As a matter of fact..... We are gonna win! We've already won LOL gotta speak that right into existence.

Hey JIMS! I can't wait until we go and spend our 24 hrs wit Trey! lol

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idk what I'll do Only The Lord Know & that Day On aint nobody gone be able to tell me anything lol

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i rili dnt noe. all i wnt is for him 2 b ma best friend so i wl do wat i do wiv ma best friend.

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I would probably cry tears of joy, happiness and excitement. I would have to remember that I am too young for him for now and couldnt do the things that i fantasize about with him. We would just chill and sing the whole day. Watch some movies, give some massages and call it a day. : ))))

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@cuttigurl609: I hope you win. I hope I win too. LOL

My friend already said she would tell him how much I love him and that I've been to all his concerts in NY since last year. Which I haven't been to all of them but most of them I have been to. LOL At that moment I said to myself she isn't coming with me to meet Trey. LOL My other friend said she wouldn't embarrass me, but some how I don't believe her. LOL. My mother forget about it the embarrassment will start as soon as she sees him.

I think all our loved ones think we are stalkers. LOL

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@rosaland... yes a good question game is great way to break the ice and warm up to a new person. Especially if its random silly questions.

@JIMS.... I hope they do make a contest like that and I win lol I did make a suggestion about a similar contest when they gave us that questionnaire. And now that I think about it my fam would embarrass me too. lol They'd be tellin Trey that I stalk him and stuff (p.s. i don't stalk him) lol

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I think I would have to go solo and hang with Trey I wouldn't dear bring one of my friends or my mother. They would embarrass me. LOL

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@Cuttigurl609: Yes making it a reality would be great. Never know what the future contests will be. :)

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Cuttigurl609...Im with you on your plan because when i thought of this one i couldnt even imagine what i would do or even to do first. but i know one thing my 11year old son wouldnt mind asking him all kinds of questions with his out spoken self. That would get the day started right their lol

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lol I know now we just need to make this thing a reality and I'm good lol

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@Cuttigurl609. You have a full schedule with Trey. :)

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Wow um lets see.... this is a hard one...... ummmmm i dunno...... ok so first i would hug him for about 20 min silently lol then we would talk a little, play a little question game to get to know each other. then I'd prolly introduce him to my baby girl cause she loves Trey and i love her (she's almost 3) then we could go someplace fun like to an amusement park like six flags or a carnival so I can see if he screams like a girl on the rides. from there we would grab something to eat at one of our favorite restaurants,we'll agree on it. then i would love to sit in on a session with him and watch him work his magic. from there we can do whatever talk, play games, watch tv, movies, fall asleep and wake up next to each other, more depending on our vibe then breakfast lol ya know whatever. and throughout our time together I would love for there to be other people around for the fun things like his team or close friends fam as well as mine but it has to be about the 2 of us bonding the whole time. and i already know it would be lots of laughing which would just top everything off for the time

that would be like the second best day of my life up to this point (my first being the day my baby girl was born)