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It's Trey SONGZ not Trey Songs (This would only annoy real Trey fans) Topic: Haters


  • It's Trey SONGZ not Trey Songs (This would only annoy real Trey fans) Topic: Haters
    September 22, 2010

    This discussion topic can be used to discuss Trey haters, fools that don't know how to spell his name, or anything that frustrates you when it comes to Trey SONGZ...Now vent away...

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on Sep 22, 2010 - 11:34PM

This discussion topic can be used to discuss Trey haters, fools that don't know how to spell his name, or anything that frustrates you when it comes to Trey SONGZ...Now vent away...

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OMG. that is really annoying. like please,his voice is amazing, MILLIONS would kill to have his traits. haters gon' hate. He is a BEAUTIFUL man. God bless him.

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Lol that is annoying when people can't spell his name correctly! It's gets under my last nerve when people say he doesn't have the talent to be an R&B singer. His voice is so angelic!! Or that he's gay (he has so much sex appeal, please he is the farthest from gay!!).

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@treysongzlilsista.... i feel you. i had a picture with Trey on myspace and i would get messages all the time from chicks tryna mack. haha! i once got a girl "hey, im Trey's cousin and i lost his number... could you give it to me? im serious too... see, my name is Brianna SONGZ." lmao DUMBASS!! HAHAHA

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Omg yes cause i be all up on mii social networks and i say "hey Trey Songz is my brutha...hes famous" and they all be like....ohh cool it must be fun to have a big brutha whos famous...and im like you actually believe that....and one person thought he was a like WHAAAATTTT and i once had Trey as a profile pic and some girl thought it was me man i feel like Trey aint famous like it just us who listen to him knw what i mean:)

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I agree I don't think it would have mattered what Chris would have did I think Trey would still be in the position he is in. No offense but Chris does mainly cater to a young audience, so everyone isn't going to like his music because of it's youthfulness. It's just funny how guys would actually gather around talking about why some other dude is on top and why one isn't. I think jealousy is a factor in why guys speak ill of Trey.

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I feel you on that Raven! I hate reading the blogs b/c ppl stay hating on Trey on boosting up Chris Brown! I like Chris but him and Trey are in two different categories anyway. Chris is so pop and Trey is real R&B...there is no competition. Chris Brown dances...and that's supposed to faze me? He still sounds like a child when he sings and Trey Songz sounds like a grown man. Once again, NO COMPETITION.

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Ok So These Guys On My Block Were Talking & Saying If That Thing With Chris Brown And Rihanna Didnt Go Down Trey Wouldnt Be As Big as He is Now!!! that got Me Mad!!! im Like Are You Kidding me!! Speaking As one Of His big Fans (Yes I been Down For Trey Since Just Gotta Make) i Think Trey is Better Then Chris... Im Sorry Thats just How i Feel!! Thats Crazy how Their Tryna Make It Seem Like Chris is Better----> Why because he can Dance??? Trey makes Up For That! How Do You Ladies feel Bout That? Just Venting lol

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I don't trust MTO.

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I know! They complain that he's over-sexual so he's overcompensating...he just likes sex (that's a simple explanation)....they come up with all these silly rumors and then think their rumors are validated when they see an article on MTO...dummies

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Yeah that's another thing that bothers me people calling him gay/bi-sexual.

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ok when ppl say he's gay......that is so annoying! Trey Trey ain't no where close, beeleedat.

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co-signing ksoelovesTreysomuch. :) well said! & you got a point, SShorty!

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Well I'm excluded from that group because once I heard Ready I was ready to hear more of his music. So I have all his studio albums.

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@SShorty I get what you're're right....but I'm defintiely biased b/c I was here since the beginning and ppl claim to be his #1 fan and only know about Ready and haven't put in any effort to know his stuff b4 ready. You know what I mean?

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@COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess)

It doesn't bother me when people do that. But I would never say I am anyone's number one fan.


I agree with you totally.

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You make a valid point about a #1 fan would have to have loved the "gotta Make It" Trey
you're right...

but you must take into account that Trey might have come on the radar for some fans
at the "Trey day" "Ready" or even at the "Passion,Pain and Pleasure" stage so

just because they might have come at the "Ready" stage doesn't make then less of a #1 fan

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@JesusIsMySavior I know!!! When people say that I'm just in shock of their stupidity! Like what??? Trey Songz is the man! What are you talking about??? lol...but that annoys me also

@COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) Everyone claims to be his number 1 fan! But I honostly feel you cant all yourself his number 1 fan if you didn't love him when he first came out! (like first, first came out) You have to have loved the " Gotta Make It" Trey. Trey's #1 fan is not a Ready Trey bandwagon hop on.

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my number 1 annoyance about Trey "fans" is they claim they're his "NUMBER 1 FAN" or "wifey" or "BM." like... bitch, you aint got shit on me. :D

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I don't like when people say he doesn't have talent.