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lauren londen &trey


  • lauren londen &trey
    October 04, 2010

    i heard that they were hhaving a baby is that true

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on Oct 4, 2010 - 04:06PM

i heard that they were hhaving a baby is that true

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noooo!!!!thats not true!!!Lauren London got pregnant a WHILE ago....she already had the baby ,her child is already born and LIL'WAYNE IS THE FATHER....I KNOW BECAUSE LAUREN LONDON VISITED HIM IN JAIL,SO HE COULD SEE HIS CHILD!..And if you don't believe me,just go to and look it up!!!!!COMMMMME OOONN:)
AND BTW...Trey and Lauren weren't even together FORREAL in the first place....they did an autograph together,and she went to one os trey's tour because it was in her all this stuff ppl are bringi ng up is FALSE!!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Lauren London posted on her Twitter page today that she is not pregnant. YEH!!!!! stomach has returned to it's rightful place.

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lol @Tricia i felt the same wayyy ,, i was so disturbed all morninn lool ...

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i Hopee Not i JUss Poseddd theee Last thinqqq

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i dont think it is. at least i hope not. lol.

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I just asked the same thing. I sure hope it's not true. My co-workers mentioned it at work today & I was saddened. Not that I don't want him to ever have kids...they just should be w/ me. LOL

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ok good....not that i would stopp bein a fan, it just seemed random

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SomeOne posted about this yesterday , and it was just a rumor that came from (which is never true)...