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Look where Trey was last night....ENJOY!


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on Oct 22, 2010 - 02:27PM


He was at a preseason basketball game...Just thought yall would like to see some Trey since we haven't really had updates in forever

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I fell asleep listening to Jeremih's "Waiter/5 Senses" song on his album "All About You"

and that's when I had a kinda freaky dream

I was in bed and I thought how nice it would be if he put his arm around me and then he did;
but then he wanted to do something else...I just wanted to cuddle and hug because I liked how that
felt...and I remember thinking I have work, or got to study or do something...I had a strange
feeling that I didn't want to take it any further because there was someone else...

then I was in the mall or somewhere...the only thing is I'm not sure if the man in bed with me
was Jeremih or Michael Jai White...

Michael Jai White because I recently watched the film "An Angry Juror" on Lifetime and he was
in it, along with Imani Hakim from the sitcom "Everybody Hates Chris" you go figure

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Yea I peep that too..and look (this was last night too)

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Okay everybody in this thread listen:

this is too uncanny

I had a dream about Trey Songz last night. Unlike some on this website who've said
they be having dreams about Trey all da time, I've never dreamt about him till now

In the dream, I was looking for him. I went somewhere expecting to see him there. I entered
the room and I didn't see him right way, so I went further into the room and I was doing something
or talking to somebody; but then I picked up something from the floor.
It was near a Fuse-ball table; something of that nature and when I got up and
was walking the way I came in, that's when I saw Trey.

This part stood out in the dream. I saw him sitting near the doorway with a brown-skin girl
with short curly hair.
I just remember my shock and surprise at seeing them because I was expecting to see
him alone. It seems I passed them on my way in but because I was so focused on seeing Trey
in the center of the room, like he was meant to be doing a performance or something,
I didn't look to my sides...

I just now clicked on the link in the Thread starter's post
and there was my dream in reality...

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HA he was looking good as ALWAYS!!!. Loved The Shirt

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@madhottmami69 i couldn't have said it better myself...

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yeah great picture that shirt is a joke

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I know! That girl must have thought they wanted a picture of her lol

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I'm glad he is enjoying himself. That girl is funny.

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awwwww this is great glad hes taking time 2 enjoy hisself in the ATL ..the pics are great

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Uhhh yeah @madhottmami69 & why she all posing for the picture? Glad to see my baby!

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lol I was definitely wondering the same exact thing

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ugh this made me feel soo much better!!! and who is that chick sitting next to him in the first pic?!?!?! lol