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Media Take Out


  • Media Take Out
    December 27, 2010

    Yall see the new BS media take out has on their website? Why must they always want put ppl in bad light? SMDH!!! I guess negativity makes the world go round.

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 12:33PM

Yall see the new BS media take out has on their website? Why must they always want put ppl in bad light? SMDH!!! I guess negativity makes the world go round.

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Mariama Neverson's picture

i thought i was mario too...

MissKehinde's picture

That aint Trey... Trey fans please do not get worked up over nonsense #thatisall

babidollface1's picture

Trey doesnt even like jewelry, especially not that herringbone that dude has on. Plus Treys profile is nothing like that guys profile. Furthermore i cant wait till trey TWEET this Bull as being ridiculous!

WhitneyDesiree''s picture

Well they didn't say Trey.But 9 out of 10 that's probably what they r tryin 2 say. & it doesn't even look like him 1 bit!!!!

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

It would be nice to sue but he couldnt sue them if he wanted because they never once said his name!

Ive come to a point where I am going to ignore the negativity because every time I look up someone has something bad to say about Tremaine! So Im good on that note!

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

what makes yall think its even Trey? i was thinkin it looked like Mario.

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it was a random trans-gender that stared this thing. he/she just wanna be noticed

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I very rarely visit MTO. Today was first I visited that site in a long time.


I was thinking the same thing. Someone at MTO doesn't like Trey because they really go hard when it comes to negative post. And I agree someone should sue them.



That's right! That aint' my Trey. LOL

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laBELLEnicole's picture

Mediatakeout is the worse source for any news! anybody can tell thats not Trey, the guy doesnt even have tatts...smh! i truly hate that they keep trying to find something against Trey!

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Can we Say Lawsuit!

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I believe someone in MTO had a bad apperance with Trey and their not willing to let him suceed but the devil is a liar. That's definitely not him because that person has no tatts and when Trey was tattless on his arms he was still in highschool.

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That's definitely NOT Trey.

I don't go on websites like that. Most of it's lies, and they try to make other people look bad so they can get paid.

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

That is in no way shape or form Tremaine Aldon Neverson! OMG! The face is too long, no tatts ( as someone previously stated) and it looks nothing like him. Like someone had commented on MTO it looks more like Mario. Im not saying its Mario, Im just saying if they wanna say it looks like someone then thats who it looks like to me.

The pic they had of Nicki Minaj looked nothing like Nicki either. They are full of crap!

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

OMG!!! That dude in those oics don't have tatts, his eyebrows are not right and most importantly....that aint Trey's bottom lip!! GTFOH Mediatakeout!! Even tho they aint say his name they implied and left it open for ppl to speculate.

auritosweet's picture

yea i saw it but you can't see girl face so u dnt really know if saw what i saw you know what im talking abt's picture

i have not seen what media take out is saying but I will say this. I am so tired of the negative light that the media is trying to put on Trey. I am glad to know that Trey has the right mind to deal with the lies.

Prillyprille's picture

I didn't view everything. Just the comments. So in my eyes MTO is just trying to stir up something cuz the Title didn't say anybody's name just your favorite r&b artist. They making the viewers say its Trey. I hate he say she say mess.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yes they are very fuzzy but the person looks a lot older and the head shape doesn't look like Trey.

Sexydivanurse1980's picture

The screen shots are fuzzy. I don't wanna believe it's him.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

That doesn't look like Trey at all. MTO isn't a valid news source.