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    November 27, 2010

    How do yu get meet and greet tickets?


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on Nov 27, 2010 - 12:37PM

How do yu get meet and greet tickets?


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Well I'm crossing my fingers and hoping he does one in LA...Louisiana that is!.lol

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he is doing a couple now to sign his cd im going to see him sat in atl and its public but if your an angel u get entered into a contest and 25 will cut the line hope this helps :)

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well he needa bring his ass to jacksonville lol ... :)

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the only time you can meet him is when he does the cd signings i think.

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@iam_a_delicacy : yu right the girls didnt get meet and greets on his tour. & what cities is he doing? im so mad i could have got like 2nd row seats to his concert in jacksonville but i had to work and my boss wouldnt give me off ;(

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I think they tried to have the meet and greets but there was some sort of issue.


I’m glad you're joining. :)

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I'm certain there wasn't any meet n greet for Trey because this isn't his tour, it's Usher's. Like when Trey did his PPP tour, Monica nor Dondria had meet n greets either. So to compensate for not being able to do a meet n greet for his Angels, he's doing the signing for the selected cities. And 25 lucky Angels get to chop it up w/ him and take pics; etc. It's open to the public, but those who don't win just get their cd signed. Hope this helps! =)

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@JesusIsMySavior : ya ima join the club when i get my next paycheck.
@SShorty : I know i saw that idk whats up with that

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Ya'know what I'm even more curious about

is WHY weren't there any meet & greets for Trey at the Usher OMG Tour?

apparently, Usher was selling VIP packages to meet & greet with him at the events

probably at this point, Tremaine was all meet-ed & greeted out lol

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I don't know when there will be another meet and greet. If you become a fan club member you have an opportunity to meet him.

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when will there be any ? i need to meet him :) lol

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During this tour there isn't any meet and greets.