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membership card help


  • membership card help
    February 06, 2011

    What do we do with our cards???

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on Feb 6, 2011 - 03:45PM

What do we do with our cards???

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Its for like future events and stuff, but I would just show it off anywhere. Like if you paying for something and they need to see your id you put your angels card on top. They say what is this for you say. "Oh I just wanted to show off my Trey's Angel mbrship card!!!!" You can also get other ladies to join as well!!!!!!

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i have mine to and i was wondering what was it for to's picture

If you have yet to receive your membership card please contact:

And the card will be used for future events and etc.

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@treysangel told me that we will ALL receive one very soon!

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Thank you @WhitneyDesiree'....I will be sure to do that.

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I havent gotten mine yet either, but if you just got yours and you've been a member since october, i should be getting mines soon then, cus ive been a member since November.

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ok ty

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I feel like it's an official way of letter others know you're an angel...since not every angel has the shirt or the charm bracelets...
Before the membership cards, anybody could say they were an angel, now we have proof who the real angels least that's what I think

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I've seen that it is used when we go 2 concerts & u know other events that Trey has....I guess 2 verify that we r Angels...& @Sheree_Renee....u can email since u haven't received urs yet!!!!!!!

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@sheree_renee i been a member since it hinkoctober and i just got mines

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I never even got one...I wonder whats up with that?

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You'll find out when the rest of us do, girl. :(