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More than "Just another Fan Club"


  • More than "Just another Fan Club"
    February 03, 2011

    Since the creation of Trey's Angels in September, we've been hearing a lot of positive feedback about the bonding Angels have been doing with other Angels. We've heard the fan club be referred to as a sorority, a sisterhood, a close-knit community and a family and now we want to hear from you.

    What else can we do to make this club more of a community? What do you feel sets us apart from being "just another fan club" and what else would you like to see us doing so that we continue to raise the bar? Let us know in the comments!

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on Feb 3, 2011 - 11:51AM

Since the creation of Trey's Angels in September, we've been hearing a lot of positive feedback about the bonding Angels have been doing with other Angels. We've heard the fan club be referred to as a sorority, a sisterhood, a close-knit community and a family and now we want to hear from you.

What else can we do to make this club more of a community? What do you feel sets us apart from being "just another fan club" and what else would you like to see us doing so that we continue to raise the bar? Let us know in the comments!

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oooooooo one last thing
when you get a birthday tweet is it from trey angels or from trey songz
it would be wicked if we knew about other angels birthdays so we could wish them happy birthday too that would make it more than a fan club

Anne B's picture

this is more of a thank you
because i meant my trey angel twin sister thur this and i love her so much and now i actually have friends who actually like trey too lool
i think trey angel actually an awesome family and so supportive its wonderful
its already so much more than a fan club
i just wish there was more of us london angels and more angel stuff was done for us
but i love the mentoring young angels idea
we uk angels try and make sure that we dont influence younger angels in a bad way and talk to them wen they upset or need help being older females and make sure their parents know when they going to come to our angel mission etc

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I love being a trey's angel! Yall are doing an awesome job! I just want to say BABYGIRLG you are so awesome! i also may know another New Orleans Angel unless you are that angel! I cant tell who is who on here or twitter! i also like the idea of the confrence. I know almost all Houston angels but unless an angel tells me his or her name i have no idea who they are or where they are from.

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@ShaunaYuuup........we as #ANGELS don't even enertain the TREY say we try to LOVE them too.....***Smile***

@naymezsmom/via twitter

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

I dont have any complaints I think that U all are doing a great Job.....I'm proud to be an Angel....and will Continue to Love and Support Trey as I have Been. Oh and TREYS ANGELS TEAM will u PLS refollow Me. U were following me and all my Followers were blocked and I've been tweeting for a REFOLLOW.....:) I would Greatly Appreciate It!

@naymezsmom/via twitter


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I'm hearing a lot of comments along the lines of "I'd like for more angels to be recognized."

How do you mean? You'd like more shout outs from Trey's Angels? More promotion of Angels goin' hard for Trey on the website?
We really would like to know!

TEETIMME's picture

When I was in DC for the Club Love event, a Club Love promoter asked me what a "TreysAngel" was. When I explained what we did, her words were "wow, thats good, makes me want to become one! Where do I sign up?" I felt so good when she said that bc it not only shows that its NOT just a fan club", but IT IS a group of women that does good for the ppl, not only just supporting Trey Songz. Who wouldnt want to help mankind? Perhaps we should come up w/ a mission statement and/or a template for a flyer to be posted? The conference, the maps, Presidents, all great ideas! And as BabyGirlG stated, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that ALL Angels get recognition whenever they complete a mission, no matter how big or small it may be! NO MISSION IS TOO SMALL WHEN PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED! (I mentioned this bc I have heard a few Angels complain about this, so its important to recognize it bc it may be discouraging to them and they may think that what they do isnt important enough!)

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To BabyGirlG - I absolutely love your post. So very inspiring to me and I love the work that you're doing for your Angels With Heart mission. :)

I don't think you need to know the "right people" to be recognized, I think you just have to work hard (and you obviously are doing that) so right now I just want to take the time to say, "I recognize you" and I think you rawk. :D

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Thankyou so much for the creation of this sisterhood as i call it lol i never knew there were so many other people overly obsessed with Trey lol even though i haven't yet met any of the angels in person i feel like i have known them my whole life. I love being a Treys Angel & the only suggestions i do have is that there be more contest such as the lyric unscramble and ultimate angel for upcoming tours :)

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I feel like this is a sisterhood. I see that many people are motivated to give back to their communities, in a major way. This is not just a fan club, we are a movement. We are setting many standards worldwide. The only thing I don't like is the feeling that you have to be a part of an elite group, in order to get support. Sometimes it seems like you have to be friends with certain people in order to get any kind of recognition. I've learned to deal with it because, regardless of the number of friends I have, my mission will remain the same. I would like to thank those Angels who have supported me with my charity drive for the homeless. I also want to thank everyone else for providing me with the unintentional motivation. Through this sisterhood, I hope to make this more than a mission; I want to continue the movement. I have enlisted my co-workers, family, and community to help out. We are offering food, clothes, makeovers, counseling, and resourses to the homeless. It is our hope to branch out to troulbed families, inmates, and other grous that need our help. I can't find any of my local Angels sisters, so I'm going to my community. I always say that one man can't change the world, but he can make a difference. This organization has inspired me to be a voice for my community. If there are any New Orleans Angels that want to connect, email me at Thanks Trey and TreysAngels for giving me something positive to belong to. We are making our mark and taking our place in this world. BTW I'm still waiting for my card.'s picture

Love the map idea, regional teams, and the conference.. Keep suggesting things

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I like the idea of a conferece but like MIZZR3D that is going to take a long time. All the people that commented have good ideas. Yes we are more then just a fan club, we are a family, sisterhood who all support Trey. I form same beautiful friendship with some beautiful Angels. I thank Trey Songz and TeamSongz for starting this family and for showing us love. I am a Alabama Angel I don't knw to many angel in my area, but I am willing to travel. I have never seen a artist that show so much love to his fan than Trey do

MIZZR3D's picture

the angel conference gonna take a long time to plan though lolz...but its def a good idea. (=

Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

I think the annual conference was a great idea and we should do group angelswithheart with different cities. trips outings etc. also maybe set up mentoring for younger angels. just some ideas I love being a treysangels it's an honor to be apart of this family and anything we do we will be successful at it I thank Trey and TeamSongz for starting this family and I know we will continue to grow.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

I love the idea of having a regional president!

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I joined in December and I have certainly met a lot of people and I have grown close to them. I feel like I have met long lost sisters. lol Great experience and I am glad I joined!

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I like the idea of the map that COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) and Michelle Belle posed. I'm sure there is an easy way of doing that in Google Maps. I'll look into it!

As for "Presidents" in each state, Michelle, we're working on building regional teams of Angels right now. Hit me up on twitter for more deets: BBunny952's picture

I love being an Angel and being able to meet the other Angels. I agree with the idea of having some sort of listing or map to show where the Angels are located like a directory.Also we had a topic earlier about an Angels conference if this could become a reality that would be wonderful. I think we need use for our Angel cards also I mean we have the card but I have not use it for any events. Each state should also have like a President that represents the local Angels for events,info,promos,etc.Also we Angels would love a live concert dvd with m/g footage.
MICHELLE BELLE @mrscvs_VaAngel#Platinum Angel

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When i say haters i mean people who always calling us groupies and what not... basically the people who talk negative bout us is what i mean! :)

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

Angels have haters? wooowwww what have yall been up to? lol

ShaunaYuuup's picture

I think the thing that sets us apart from being "just another fan club" is the fact that we communicate and gain great friends through all of this. Some fan clubs just have you sign up and that's it. However we sign up to become one strong unit who comes together to support the one and only Trey Songz. We are like a family and a sisterhood! We go over and beyond to support Trey, which is one thing I think we can all say no other fan club does. Also we just dont take this fan club as just supporting Trey. We go out and help others, which is just amazing! To be honest continuing to do what we do know as Trey's Angels is what i believe we need to continue to keep raising that bar and letting everyone else know that were not just fans of Trey or just a fan club, but we are a family who are about positivity and supporting each other!

P.S~ Obvisouly we are doing something right because we have so many haters just like Trey does! *shrugs* let um hate though because they just wish they loved an artist who shows so much love to their fans like Trey does! :) Belee Dat!

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

It would be neat if you could set up an Angel Map of some sort. Showing the hometown of each & every Angel. That way, for example me being in Portland, OR... I can check out the map and look for Angels within my area. :)