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Obsession; Trey .


  • Obsession; Trey .
    September 20, 2011

    So , am i like the only one that has him on my mind 24\7 ? ;l # SMH.

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on Sep 20, 2011 - 07:54PM

So , am i like the only one that has him on my mind 24\7 ? ;l # SMH.

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k.jennifer22's picture

shit , he ALWAYS on my mind (:

MISS_TRIGGA_123_XXX's picture

no ur not honey trust me i am obsessed i am only 11 !!!! treys gorgeos !!!! xxx when i went to see him in manchester tht night b fore i didnt sleep or the night after hahahaha he is mint, love trey !!! xxxxxxxx

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LOL he is not 24/7 on my mind but I do think about him.
I would like to have him in Amsterdam alot more than once a year.
Gosh....what do you think Trey is doing right now?

Trey's1Wifey_2's picture

no you're not i have him on my mind 24/7 365 every second,minute,and hour's picture

No you are not the only one who has Trey on your mind 24/7! he is always on my mind...... And that will never change....

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Chile please! My name is TEE, and Im a Treyaholic...and I DONT want help!

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heck no lol he is on every treys angels mind :p

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Lol no. I think about him a lot myself. I wonder what he's doing, where he's on his way to, what he's eating, what his mood is like at the time, what's on his mind, what he dreams about when he sleeps, etc. I pray for him a lot too.