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people keep saying dat trey songz just became alluminatti


  • people keep saying dat trey songz just became alluminatti
    September 11, 2010

    i dnt wanna beleive it

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LMAO @SShorty...yeah, that's how I remember them dying too - plane crash & murder. My old pastor used to say that the devil just gets blamed for everythang!!! Sometimes he ain't got nothing to do with what happens to us...sometimes it's just us! Aaliyah thought she was the expert when it came to flying that plane...made the pilot add stuff that put it over it's weight limit & that resulted in her demise. Pilot was DUMB as hell cuz U can't tell me how to do my job unless U've been doing it LONGER than me.
@MizzTyra - I don't believe it. He thanks God too much for him to be a part of that. Did U see his recent video (click on the News section) - he answers fans questions.

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I agree

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100% lie!!!

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@ Mizz Tyra Girl don't believe that crap and the last time I check Trey was making millions before changing management who just happens to be Jay Z's management as well.
This is were all the comparison to the illumanitti began and the bottoms up video being dark representing a strip club made ignorant people began this foolish rumor.
Don't believe the hype, pray, and God will reveal everything to you.
Remember this passage from the holy bible. Do what you do for me in secret and I will reward you openly (GOD). True followers know and have experience this to be true.

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Err excuse me...

Tupac and B.I.G lost their lives because they were murdered by evil,
heartless, wicked people

and Aaliyah lost her life in a tragic plane crash

none of the above died because of a cult and/or anything to do with Devil worship

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I believe very little when it comes to the illumanti.

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:'O...Oh No!!!!I hope its not true,you may make money for being apart of it but its a terrible idea to join it because many succeessfull rapppers and singers lost their life because of that like Aaliyah,Notorious B.I.G,Tupac,and etc.Please don't trey...Your fans love you wayyy tooo much for that to happen!:)))))))