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Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA on December 5 Guestbook

Trey's Angels Team's picture
on November 4, 2010 - 2:03pm

Hey Angels,

Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


JusJazzi's picture

We decided to take leave and spend the weekend out in ATL JUST to go to this concert. I was caught in the heat of a moment when nothing else existed around me BUT Trey (and took a pic of me with the 'oh damn, ya'll caught me face' after the fact)!!....mmm, mmm, mmm......he DOES it for me!! lol
BEST concert I've ever been to!!! I almost LOST it when Usher had him come back out on stage for the Invented Sex remix, lol

Charm_2's picture

I had such a wonderful time at the concert. Usher was fantastic but I could have stayed all night listening to Trey.

Corrione's picture

i had so much fun!!!

@missjoye's picture


Daniel_Shawn's picture

the show was so freakin AMAZING i wanna meet him next but ihad so much fun wit the other angels at dinner it was so nice to meet all of u ladies we need to get 2gether again and maybe get trey to show up lol

Daniel_Shawn's picture

the show was so freakin AMAZING i wanna meet him next but ihad so much fun wit the other angels at dinner it was so nice to meet all of u ladies we need to get 2gether again and maybe get trey to show up lol

beauti_yanna's picture

The show was AMAZING!!!! I am so excited that i finally got to see Trey!!! My next mission is to meet him. I had a great time with all The ATL Angels i met and my Traveling Angel!! I enjoyed everything from beginning to end!!!

CaseyTheLady's picture

Show was greatttttttt! Enjoyed every minute. Already anxious for the next one.

sweetpeach1020's picture

That was the BEST concert I have been to all year.
As always Trey put on 1 helluva show & when him
& Ursh did the Invented Sex Remix...I literally went
weak in the knees! I wish I could go back in time &
see it all over again!!!!!!!'s picture

Trey was the ish! I love the way he talks to all of his fans and shouts out to all of his Trey Angels :) He could have stayed on stage all night i loved it!

AngelYanie's picture

This Angel will be there.

Taraya Michele's picture

Oh yeah my twitter is @tarayamichele :)

Taraya Michele's picture

I can't wait until the concert tonight!!! I went to his in store yesterday and met him. Omg so
Gorgeous and gracious! I can't wait to see him
Perform again.Passion pain pleasure concert was amazing too!!

Trey's P.Y.T.'s picture

I'm going to see Trey I cant wait I know he's going to kill the stage! so excited to see him perform. I will never miss an opportunity to see Trey! Meeting him yesterday made me even more ready! See you there angels. love you Trey @ReaLAzzCheLLe

Cindy Star's picture

Going to see Trey for the 4th time in 12 months! Every time Trey is in Atlanta lucky things happen to me. Nothing will be able to top Trey singing to me on his PPP dvd, But I know I am going to love the show Sunday night! 1 request Trey "Doorbell"! @iamcindystar.

Eb luv's picture

Am ready to see Trey this sunday, He did an awesome job @ the essence music festival this past July.....Bring those Love Faces!!!

Che Che's picture

I hope to see other angels there too. Specially ones from da NO like myself! @chaseeda

Che Che's picture

I am so ready for friday to come. I can't wait to ride to the A to see Trey live again. I just love his live performances. It seems as if he is singing directly to me. And only me! LOL

BrokenHaloAngel's picture

I'll be there! #excited

eyelovetrey33's picture

eyelovetrey33: just waned to say i will be going to see Trey on Dec. 5th in Atlanta, oh how i am excited about this day.

Tasty_Songz's picture

@ASpecialTreat4U will be in the building front and center

Janayampamptrey's picture

I cant wait to see Trey i will have my Trey outfit on love you angels

Official_TeTe's picture

Will be there! Bringing my sisters too. First time seeing Trey live since he came to NCCU in 05/06. Can't wait! @Official_TeTe

KiTTeNBaBii's picture

Yes, I will be in the building!! I can't wait to see Trey..N see all the otha angels there!! Love Ya!! KiTTeN

ranesha89's picture

Im goin :) @ranesha89's picture

cant wait 2 c u trey. i know this show is going 2 b off the hook. angels follow me @riderangel_30. looking 4ward 2 seein u ladies.

TooClassy011's picture

Cant wait too TREY again cant get enough of him... im always at any signing he has in the ATL so i been pretty close but the concerts i enjoy the most ..... IM so ready =) #ILYTREYSONGZ FOLLOW ME @TooClassy011 #TREYSANGELS

Trey's Bahama Mama's picture

I can't wait to have a blast in ATL!!!!! See you there angels

johnson_yasmin's picture

I am going and I am too excited to see Trey Songz... Follow me on Twitter TreysAngel912

Cleo's picture

ahhhhh im tooooooo excited to see trey!! i know he is going to be amazing just like he was at his previous concert! :) i know ima be taking a whole lot of pics! this will be a night to remember too



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