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on Oct 9, 2010 - 04:36PM

Download the first single off Pretty Ricky's new album Bluestars II entitled "Cookie Cutter!"


Download the second single off Pretty Ricky's new album entitled "Topless"



Bluestar Street Team

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Lol @Thread starter

is Trey Songz on any of the remixes of this song?


calm down...
Trey doesn't come on here so technically he's not disrespecting him lol

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hahaha@MsJJBaybee I know right...these ppl are crazy!!!!gonna post pretty rick stuff..on trey's website...*SMH, that has"I Want Attention!" written all over it xD

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lmaooo at joydabest ! im clicking on here ,, wondering what this has to do with Trey ... *side eye* guess we've got a big pretty ricky fan in our midsts!

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HEY!!!!!!!!!!!incase you havent noticed but this is TREY SONG'Z website!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like Pretty Ricky that much and wanna talk about them so darn bad...Go To Their Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not tremaine's...he has nothing to do with them!!!Go to their twitter,facebook,or whatever.....but you dont just post this kinda stuff on another artist's website..thats just rude and disrespecting trey on his OWN site where 50000 people can see it!!!