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    September 24, 2010

    If you had one night with trey what would u do?

Sha Trigga Trey Gurl's picture
on Sep 24, 2010 - 11:06AM

If you had one night with trey what would u do?

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Sha Trigga Trey Gurl's picture

well well well, good thing this discussion was started.. The truth comes out

dennis_yupp's picture

Well Ladies.....If ya'll are never fortunate enough to meet trey I'm the NEXT BEST thing.....I swear I get told I look like songz at least twice a week....from someone first I kinda just blew it off....but I've learned to embrace it and go along with it....LOL....

Manal_Annora's picture

I would actually like to get to know him aside from all his fame. He seems really chill, a date and watever happens next happens :)

collah's picture

ow-my-gosh!is that even a question?don try'na get down on me,holy sh**t,hiz lips!!i jus stare at them!hav a cchat with him and obvious make sure i have his contacts so that it wont last just for a night!i have hearts for trey.

Gashlie's picture

OMG I would be crazy!!! I'd be so excited!!! I think I would stay in front of him without saying anything for quite a while,like an idiot. Then the first thing I'd do is get his sensuel mouth. I think this would be the best night I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

If I had one night with Trey I would want us to stay in at his place and chill since he's not home much. While we were there I would pick his brain about everything! From his childhood, to his man hood, the business, his love life, everything! I want to know it all or at least as much as he is willing to share with me. We would talk all night and pig out in the process. It would be the beginning of me getting to know Tremaine Neverson the person behind the artist Trey Songz as well as Trey Songz the artist. He also would be getting to know myself as a new fan. Might not sound like much of a night to some, but it would be a hell of a night for me. He's a talented individual who seems to have great business sense and a hunger to always improve. Knowledge is power when you apply it! One night is all I need.

SShorty's picture

I wouldn't want "one night" with Trey so
the question really becomes

what Tremaine would do if he had one night with

but I don't understand why the Thread starter entitled this thread "Relationship"
because one night is not a relationship and neither can a
relationship be had in one night lol but hey do your thing...

trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture

Enjoy his company, and the whole night would be everything his chioce.'s picture

I would proably do something fun like go bowling.I know that sounds corny but i wouldn't want to be groupieish .He proably get enough of that already .I would like to go bowling because i've never been before ,and plus that would be something that like to do since he loves to bowl already and then after word we would proably go out to eat.