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rumors say that he is gay


  • rumors say that he is gay
    July 15, 2010

    is it true what they say that trey songz is gay??? tell me what yall have to say about it

prettiiboiiNOVA's picture
on Jul 15, 2010 - 03:19AM

is it true what they say that trey songz is gay??? tell me what yall have to say about it

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SweetKita11's picture

U know what I truly dont beleive that because I think he is far from gay and if I listen to rumors I wont have a life

MrsTremaineN's picture

hell no who ever said it can kiss my ass

prettiiboiiNOVA's picture

Honestly I don't believe the rumors my damn self and @baby_of_Trey I ain't no where close to being gay,

mrsprettygurlswag12's picture

trey songz could never b gay its just dem haters u dumn azz eed 2 gone somewhere so dont eva say trey songz iz gay

shaybaybee's picture

That Is Complete Bull,Some Haters Probably Mad That Up Cuz They Jealousssss

iheaRttreysongz_4's picture

fuq dat shidd he aint gay u see all dem songz he be makin about girlz dummy u got me fired up talkin bout he gay fuq yhu.u are gay stupid azz and yhu juss jelous that he got all the ladies and yhu dont and every body loves hem.(SPECIALLY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

merriaTilmeiada may's picture

no he cant be gay cuz he to into gurlz,,but sum videos can convince you that he iz but he aint cant u jus luk at his face's picture

Man, you dudes that come with that gay bull shit is doing it because you all are made because you all ant got or never will have the fame that Trey have. And it is not even about the fame it is you all wanna hate rather than get your own. TREY IS NOT DAMN GAY!

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The mere fact that you prefaced your comment with the word RUMORs is reason enough to believe that you don't believe it to be true yourself. Why bring that stuff to his official page, you would not bring it to his home (or face) so have some respect and don't do it here!

Vanessa Neverson's picture

N3V3R....who ever sayin dat sh*t is just some HAT3RS

bribre's picture

ill put my whole hand across my heart and promise you that he not gay

Baby-Of-Trey's picture

nol y would you eva believe them rumors bout my baby why the h***you bringin dat up is you gay man gone somewhere wit dat s**t

kemi_3's picture

no he is not the rumors r wrong i loooove him with half of my heart the rest isto god and he is not gay any one who say he is is WRONG GOWSH