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Should There Be An Age Limit For Trey's Concerts?


  • Should There Be An Age Limit For Trey's Concerts?
    July 23, 2010

    I Ask This Because Im 14 And Im Goin To His Concert With My Mom And I Dont Want Him To Do Anything That Would Make My Mom Dislike Me Liking Him

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on Jul 23, 2010 - 08:40PM

I Ask This Because Im 14 And Im Goin To His Concert With My Mom And I Dont Want Him To Do Anything That Would Make My Mom Dislike Me Liking Him

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well,if they wanna go and they are under go,you cant do anything to stop them,only their parents can tell them if they should go or not and i disagrre about treys show being for "grown women"...,,trey knows that he has younger teenage fans,so he would NEVER EVER do anything to make them feel uncomfortable or make them not wanna come to a show again...its not like a teewnager is all by herself alone,she (or he) has parental guidence!all his songs are not sensual,he has fun,club records,too that fans listen to and the only reason he takes his shirt off and all that is because he has to stay in character because trey is a "sex symbol" X 10!!!haha and he wants to please ALL LADIES YOUNG OR OLD(ADULT OR TEEN):) :)


Absolutely! I was in Atlanta when he came through and there is no way anyone under 18 should be there. He put it down up on that stage and some of the things he was saying and doing on this PassionPainPleasure tour is definately for GROWN WOMEN, not little girls tryin to be grown!

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helllll yea. thats a grown and sexy show. he does things that little girls shouldnt be thinking about or doing at 18 and under.

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For a Trey Songz concert...YESSSS! The reason being...some of the things he does in this concert..WOW.. Im saying limit as in 14 and up age one under the age of 14..The content of one of his shows are a lil racey but..hey to each its own..some parents view things totally differently than far as me taking my babies..nope..they wont get that experience until I feel they are old enough to nunderstand the concept..#just my opinion!

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I know This may seem crazy but no!!!! everyone need to enjoy trey!!! parentz who allow there children to go must think they can handle the content,.... n the old women scream for him only make us look better lol!!!

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Well yeah because you never know what trye might do.......

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Age limit?? NO if you have heard his albums or seen him on youtube you know what your about to see and if your parent thinks its too much, it's their responsibility to make sure you don't go not Trey's team.

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no there shouldn't cause i am 11 and i like him to

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my mom knowz dat trey iz a freak n dat im a freak n summa de stuff he do turnz me on so u shood talk bout dat wif ur mom 2

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idk jus no todlerz i gess cuz i wood be upset if i wuz like 9 n coodnt see him n err bodi think im grown n e way soo .........

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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im 12 and i LOVE trey songz and i have to go to his consert in l.a. and
i need 2 kno how old u need to be.

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personally i think there should be b/c his music is very sexual and sensual...but at a very young age kids are exposed to these things... so in my opinion i guess its how mature the person is... like im 16 and i would not go to Trey Concert w/ my parents i would go w/ some elses parent or a family friend who likes Trey and doesnt care bout the lyrics and the explict content in his songs.... So to answer ur question... if u know ur mom is not goin to like it then dont go... but the age limit depends on maturity....
hope i helped

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well your mom knows that he is a grwon ass man and if she feels like that he is going to do something to make her dislike him then you dont need to go, or go with someone else. ell your mom to lighten up and let you have some fun, hes not making the gestures to you personally hes ding what he has to do to make money. lol so, she will get over it, if not oh well who cares.

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i am on the fence about that because there are so many people that love him and his music at any age. So i really cant say if there should or there shouldnt be an age limit. But im 25 so i can get into any of his concerts and hopefully receive some back stage yep!!!!!

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Besides me and my mom already had "THE TALK" anyway (since I was 9 years old)

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I dont even care if i am young because Trey isn't stupid ppl!!!He knows that teenage girls go to his concert so,he would never do anything to make them feel uncomfortable.......He knows that already!!!And Trey would never do anything to make younger girls wanna leave the concert cuz he knows better!!!!All his songs aare NOT sensual,some iof them are fun,club songs you can dance to by the way so yeah.....!!!!!:)'s picture

Yes, it should be and age limit for Trey's Concerts. It is only some songs that I would let my child listen to. All respect to Trey I am 30 years old and he has some songs that I don't listen to because I think that they are to sexual or sensual. However you want to word it. I have to pick and choose what i listen to cause my 6 year old little girl like Trey also. A Trey Songz concert is not the place for a 14 year old just my thought.

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i agree with @iLove Songz. i turn 14 in september && im goiin to his concert on august 26th.but originally my mom didnt want me to go but she knws the kind of music i listen to && he is not even close to being the worst. also he knws that he has underage fans so he never does anything too off the charts to where we cudnt be there or our parents wudnt approve.

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I really dont care cause im grown! But at the same time, some ppl act just childish!!!! and I like to enjoy concerts....Especially Trey!

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Girls do get wild haha..just to let you know,they throw panties and bras but just because they do doesnt mean anyone else should!!
Trey never accepts them anyway haha...why would he!!!!!!!???

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NOT REALLY because he might pull a girl from the audience and kiss her...but most of the times it is on the cheek of forehead!!!And some of his music is very sensual but if you listen to the lyrics he doesnt say anything too personal... going into details!!!! know??..haha and he doent have just sensual records all the time ,he has fun,party records too!!!!! I would take an adult with you just to keep lookout but his music is very intimate and some songs are just club records you can dance too!!!I doubt that trey would take all his clothes off or anything like that but the only piece of clothi he rmoves is his shirt!!!Girls/Women only get to see his six-pack of abs!!!!=))

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there should definetly be an age limit because wen my mom heard sum of hes songz she disliked the fact that i listen to hes music and even tho im 20 years old now she stil cringes wen i listen to him

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The only reason why I would be ok with an age limit would be to have an adult performance by you. You can choose/select what cities to put the age limitations on or have two shows in the larger venues/cities.

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I'm goin to the show on September 3rd for my birthday and I'll be 14 in September. I've been to 2 other shows, and it does get kind of wild. But my mom never goes, she checked out some of his concerts online and said that it wasn't all that appropriate. But she still let me go and told me to text her if stuff got out of hand. So I don't really think so, it's up to our parents to let us go or not.

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I think there should be one only because of the incident that happen at summer jam. on the other hand i think its the parents responsibllity to either allow or not allow their child to attend one of Trey's concert. listening to his music alone gives you a sense that he is a grown man and he caters to the ladies. after attending my first trey concert back in January i think that young children should not be there. if there was an age limit it should start at 16 and up.


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As a mother of a 13 yr old. I personally do not allow my daughter to attend Trey Concerts w/ me or w/out me. I have been to 4 concerts & they were very sensual/sexual even during BP3. If my daughter was 16 yrs & mature I would allow it. At 13 I see her going to Beyonce or Justin Bieber concerts. But ultimately it should be at your parents discretion. On a business side I understand why the venues/Trey don't put an age limit on it. Because he wants to cater to his broad fan base & I completely understand that. I do not judge Trey for anything that goes on at his concert that happens on accident. Parents should know where their underage daughter is at all times. Period


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I do feel there should be an age limit for fans who want to attend Trey's concerts because his music is very sensual and should be heard by a mature adult audience. I was very shocked to see children at Trey's concert in Jacksonville Florida back in April!!


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i think at some of his concerts he should set one cause if we take a look back to were he kissed the underage girl on stage we as fans of trey songz doesnt want him to make that same mistake again so anytime he feel as if he wants to do something like that on stage at his concerts then a age limit should be set but if he has a regular concert were taking his shirt off is the furthest he's gone go then any age can be welcome.