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state your intro's!


  • state your intro's!
    July 23, 2009

    im excited to use tha new Trey community website . . . im from TSMB (holla!) . . .




    so im ariel, im 18 and from st paul minnesota.



Ariel @COOGIdown's picture
on Jul 23, 2009 - 07:24PM

im excited to use tha new Trey community website . . . im from TSMB (holla!) . . .




so im ariel, im 18 and from st paul minnesota.



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IzzyAli's picture

I'm Ismahan (Izzy) reppin NOVA.

Pretty Ugo's picture

helloooooo . I'm Ugo from TSMB . 18 yrs from NYC baby:)

MzMille's picture

i'm Chemille from TSMB..nd im 19 from NY

perfectxpisces's picture

My name is Dani I'm 23, from Pittsburgh =) Nice to meet all of you.

Nicci_2's picture

Nic from TSMB 29 from OK :)

QueenKenya's picture

Kenya from TSMB 15 Atl

Crystal915's picture

Crys from TSMB! 22 from GA. =]

MyaSoReady's picture

Hey everyone!! I'm Mya from B-more TSMB too! :)

MizzLia's picture

its nice to meet everyone :)

Mizz Ashley's picture

Hey everyone!!!!
I'm Ashley from good ole' Alabama lol and I'm 19

deanna_michelle's picture

hii everyone!!
i'm deanna, from GA, and im 19 :)
lovin' the new site!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbiecakes_3's picture

Hey I love this!!! I'm Debra from ATL...from TSMB too :)

Gakid85's picture

What it do I'm Tina from the GA all day and I'm 23. I'm loving the new site!

NYCNELLE's picture

From TSMB as well :D 18 from NY woot woot

Songz_AddictionXx's picture

Im Vivie.Im from Cleveland Ohio, I'm 20 n I rep TTU baby!!N this site is killin!!

Christiane's picture Christiane and im 18 and im from Barbados :) and im a TSMB gurl

Joniesha05's picture

I'm Joniesha..and i'm 22..from Cali baby!! TTU all day baby! This site is crazy..i love it!!

BabyDoll_7's picture

Loving the site and im 19 from London Town!!

Yuuup_2_3's picture

Very nice! Iove it!! TSMB here by the way :)

MizzLia's picture

aww man i forgot to say im 22

Michelle aka Lil Bmore's picture

Im Michelle im 26 going on 27 and im from baltimore Maryland

and im from TSMB

gorgeousgg's picture

Hi, I'm loving this site and Im from TSMB by way of CHI_TOWN.

MzReese0526's picture

I love the way the site is SOOO sexxy...
Im Reese, 24 from the DMV && I'm TSMB!!!!

AriesChild's picture

I'm from TSMB too!

I'm Ariyanna, 25, from Southern Cali =)

angielala's picture

loving the site and just like Ariel I'm from TSMB too!

my name is Angie, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Jersey:)

MizzLia's picture

ariel!!!! hiii :waves:

im Lia also from TSMB from brooklyn, ny yuuup

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

heyyyyyy! yea it really does suck, cuz now we dont have those hard worked for karma points. :(

Nicole Iz NtJusAnothaGrl's picture

Ariel!! Heyyy! a familiar face whoooo!! I guess we're all newbies now huh?!

PinkRoyaltie's picture

I'm excited too! Wow everything looks so nice. I'm from TSMB too but I was a newbie =]

I'm Priscilla from Cali!