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state your intro's!


  • state your intro's!
    July 23, 2009

    im excited to use tha new Trey community website . . . im from TSMB (holla!) . . .




    so im ariel, im 18 and from st paul minnesota.



Ariel @COOGIdown's picture
on Jul 23, 2009 - 07:24PM

im excited to use tha new Trey community website . . . im from TSMB (holla!) . . .




so im ariel, im 18 and from st paul minnesota.



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Wizkidification's picture

Hi! I'm Alex. I'm 18 from Stone Mountain, GA.

Lilone786's picture

Hey my name is Erin, and im from the city of angels in cali :). Im going to catch Trey on tour on sep 29th. It will be my first time seeing him perform live, and im sure it will be a great show!

vbryan's picture

hi vivian bryan i am trey fan born in new jeresy but live in nc ahoskie i am 25 year old i cant see trey rite now but i hold down on da computer taking of my mom

MissRettaBaby's picture

Im Loretta from DC im 26 y/o and Im trying out this an old fan so many of u guys im new all over again...

Stlzfynest's picture

brittnei b from STL 21 TSMB TTU BABY!!!

vivianbryan62's picture

wsup my name is vivian bryan i am 25 year old i love trey too

Miyah.Neverson's picture

iLOve Trey. . Lyk Duh.? But Uhh yeahh im Mieisha aka Miyah nd im FrOm DetrOit Michiqan! =) nd im yOunq. . Lol

fallin4trey's picture

Karena 23 from MIlwaukee, Wisconsin was a member of TSMB.

Terrinah1's picture

Hey Im Terrina, Im 20 from Los Angeles, and Im from TSMB 2. I luv the Trey Community but I miss seing the Siggys after the

Shaninda's picture

hey gurl u already know me im shaninda from everywhere woot * woot* and love me some trey lol :) and im 22 for now lol

Aquagrrrl24's picture

I really feelin' the new look on Trey's website. I'm from TSMB as well.

Jerrene 22 years old, Reppin' Jerzee

iSparks87's picture

Hey! I'm Shannon, 21, from Maryland.

LouiseW's picture

Im Louise from TSMB too, from Gothenburg Sweden :)

JniceLOVE's picture

I'm Janice, 21, from The Bay Area....TSMB...YEEE =)

MissJ_4's picture

Hey everybody! I'm Juliette, 18 from Atlanta...

Karen523's picture

Karen from Detroit

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

lmao ten, you're just did what we all make fun of. you love "trey sonz" is that riqht? i havent heard of trey sonz. ;)

TenTen's picture

we just talkin to other tsmb folk guys hahahahaha let me not be difficult. I'm ten :D and an old tsmb member and i looooooooooooove trey sonz (like y'all didn't know that already HA!) and from h_town. ok that's all ;)

JOU JOU's picture

jou jou from the bx nyc. 25 yrs old. mommy to 4 yr old chad. n yall already kno i rep tsmb luv my boo trey yuuup

Missc703's picture

Im from tsmb as well. My name is courtney and im reppin two up , two down!

Gakid85's picture

What it do I'm Tina from the GA all day and I'm 23. I'm loving the new site!

NYCNELLE's picture

From TSMB as well :D 18 from NY woot woot

Christiane's picture Christiane and im 18 and im from Barbados :) and im a TSMB gurl

Joniesha05's picture

I'm Joniesha..and i'm 22..from Cali baby!! TTU all day baby! This site is crazy..i love it!!

Michelle aka Lil Bmore's picture

Im Michelle im 26 going on 27 and im from baltimore Maryland

and im from TSMB

gorgeousgg's picture

Hi, I'm loving this site and Im from TSMB by way of CHI_TOWN.

AriesChild's picture

I'm from TSMB too!

I'm Ariyanna, 25, from Southern Cali =)

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

heyyyyyy! yea it really does suck, cuz now we dont have those hard worked for karma points. :(