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Trey and Club Promoter Spotted!

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@cuttgurl609: She has an unique look.

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@ kgsunshine I think it was MTO where I read the comments. I know who ever posted them on there said she looks like a man and i believe others commented and agreed.

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@cuttgurl609: I have seen several photos of that lady. Interesting scenario. LOL

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Ok, CutTiGurl609, I must've read the wrong comments. Where were the comments that you read?

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Yes ya'll I read those comments and they are very mean but its crazy how they are basically goin off of one picture. Everybody has pictures that they are not the most flattering in cause she doesn't look like that "a man" in any of the other pics we've seen, well at least not to me. I don't think she ugly at all I thing she's average and Helen too. I've seen plenty of girls that look like the both of them. But it doesn't matter wut we think it matters wut she think and who ever decide to be wit her. People can be so hurtful and nasty for no reason it makes me sick. How do they know wut kinda day she was having when she read those messages if she ever reads them. smh

Judging from all the pics it looked like she was prolly just as silly as Trey cause of the one where she had both arms out to the side....... wut was that?! lol and in one pic it also looked like she was upset walkin away from Trey as he was on the phone and talkin to that other chick hehe it may be all in my head but thats my imagination for ya lol but he was lookin at her like "I don't give a damn. Walk on playa. I'll holla" lol

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The comments didn't seem that bad to me [on Crunk's site]... I'm not surprised at this possible coupling. You never really know what ppl are into.

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OMG I read those comments. People can be so mean.

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LOL@CutTiGurl609: It does look like that.

Lord Essence711 you are tempting me to read those comments. LOL

MTO is so funny one minute he is gay, bi and straight. They truly need to make up their minds. They have a love/hate situation going on.'s picture

@CutTiGurl609 MTO always on his d#$@# LOL And those comments on there are WOW!!!! SMDH

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If Trey does have a girlfriend, it's not something I'm going to be mad at him or angry. I would be so happy for him. He deserves happiness too, he does have a life also. I know some people on twitter have been really angry with Trey but I don't think they was understandable about it.. Tbh, I don't think anything serious is going on. When Trey says he is single, I believe he is single and until he tells us any different, I won't think anything of it.. I love Trey no matter what. He still loves us all.

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OMG!! I looked at those MTO pics and I didn't think it was the same girl at first. Then I started reading the comments and I was like, whoa...
I know I said that Trey's ex is way prettier, but damn, those people went in on her. I could never be that cruel. I still meant what I said, but I wouldn't say what they said. I feel bad for her now.
I have to admit that some of the stuff they said was funny.

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haha i love the second pic the caption went perfect cause thats exactly wut her face was sayin lmao

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@#SplendidAngel: Could be about her, however she isn't Puerto Rican though.

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Oh gosh another post abt this? Again, gone then Trigga & give it up, lol! Im mad the girl aint me though *hands on hips*

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Trey is so cute! Aww I wanna go to Miami and hang on the beach wit a fine man like Trey. I gotta make it happen! lol's picture

Seeing the pictures again makes me want to go back to Miami!!!! FUN TIMES OWWWWWW :)

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You know what... I just realized that that might be the reason why Trey said in his "Daddy Want You" song "My Puerto Rican mami from Miami tried to buy me...". That makes alot of since. Or am I late? LOL!

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@LadyBriSongz: I'm with you I'm Team Trey all day and everyday. I could imagine she has gotten some really mean spirited comments.

@1SocialBFly: That's the main thing he looks like he is enjoying himself. Realistically his love life will never be off limits. :(

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I am not mad at all. That's Trey's business. I support him for his music and the good that he does. Congrats to Trey if that is his new girlfriend.

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LOL WHAT HAPPEN WITH TREY AND LONDON? lol Trey is playing around! I can't take him serious! Watch when MTO and other blogs catch him with some other chick lol!

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Awwww he looks so happy! So cute! I kind of feel sorry for Jess though, there have been a lot of people on her case and being evil. He deserves to be happy and have a good time. I'm here to support him and his music, not his girlfriend. So you won't see me stanning or saying I'm Team Jess. lol I'm Team Trey and Team Trey's Music! :)

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if he's happy im happy...

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What can I say...... Here we go again....Trey deserves to have a Personal Life. My ONLY concern is that Trey is HAPPY....I'm not hear to judge nor critique whom Trey dates. I am happy to see that he's having a Wonderful time and if Jess is his woman we need to Accept that. I will say AGAIN that no matter what I will continue to Love & Support Trey and that his personal LIFE should really be off limits.

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I think they make a cute couple.. @Trey's_Tenshi Yeah.. he did look happy.. "too cute"

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Aww tears! Trey is soooooooo freaking cute and he looks so happy in those photos. If he and this chic are dating I say congrats to them both! He deserves to be happy and if she makes he happy then his happiness makes me happy. :D I think they look lovely together.

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wow i ain't mad at him, he deserves to have fun he works so hard at what he does, i want to meet him so bad, wanna know how he is in person!

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I don't think there is anything to worry about. The man is having fun...let them enjoy! Damn, Trey looks good. Wish I were those shorts! LMAO

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I knew I knew I knew I said this a min ago when I first seen pics of them together. Besides why do you think when he get off tour the first place he go is to MIAMI......OAN I wonder what happen to LL???