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Trey and lauren london


  • Trey and lauren london
    September 28, 2010

    what do u all think about trey new girlfriend Lauren London? My my opinion i think that he he can do better.Lol  not that she's ugly, but didn't she have a baby by lil wayne a year ago? lol

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on Sep 28, 2010 - 04:28PM

what do u all think about trey new girlfriend Lauren London? My my opinion i think that he he can do better.Lol  not that she's ugly, but didn't she have a baby by lil wayne a year ago? lol

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I wonder when they are going to debut as a couple maybe the Grammy's.

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Yeah it's not platonic.'s picture

@ssongz i definetley think that they are dating.Anytime a man takes a women to meet his momma that serious, if its not his girlfriend then she's someone special to him.

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Why not take Nicki Minaj home to meet mommy? Afterall she's the one that's
made a hot video with him...that's currently a hit on the

Like SouthrnDelicacy, I'm skeptical when these RnB artists deliver the line we're only
"just friends"...look at Chris Brown & Rihanna, Beyonce & Jay-z

According to the evidence, even though it's little at this point,
Trey IS definitely MORE THAN FRIENDS with Lauren London; he might not be calling her
his girl right now, but trust meh, they're more than platonic friends...

Like JesusIsMySavior said, I don't like him with Lauren nor Helen lol

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Trey says he's "only friends" with Lauren London

yet he has taken her to meet his mama

...sirens flashing right there

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I think they have some sort of unique relationship.

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I personally think its more than friends with them, but i dont think they're dating...if that makes sense. lol. but in everything interview he says he is "VERY" single. and i believe him because he's always straight forward, he gave an honest answer about her meeting his mom. So when they do start dating, i feel we'll know, if its for us to know. He also said that he knows he can't give a woman what she really deserves at this point in his life.

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You are right the media would be crazy.

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True indeed.

I don't have an angel name yet or at least I don't think I do. LOL You're welcome. Yes it bothers me when people think you are hating because you have a difference of opinion. I agree we just want the best for him. :)

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Trey deserves to be happy, bottom line. Yes he is every woman's fantasy but that doesnt ever have to stop just cause he has a lady, lol..He is an entertainer and he does that very well! As far as Lauren London is concerned, I dont know her personally, but I think she is a bird. Lil Wayne is such a loser and her choice to be babymama #5,467 is/was not a good look. but hey everybody makes mistakes I guess..If Trey like it I love it..I wish him nothing but the best in finding someone because I know that even if I had the opportunity, I wouldnt want to have a relationship with him! Too much media scrutiny and pressure..Good luck Trey!

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@JesusismySavior I love ur Angelname and thanks so much for taking time to let me know you like what I wrote you and Christy are Real True Angels Thank u.. Im not hating Im just speaking the whole picture as how I would see it. It is Trey choice all we doing is discussing the topic which is a good one Angels do have our own views on Trey and things in his life because WE ONLY WANT WHATS BEST FOR HIM ...

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@cHRISTY thanks lady i appreciate that and yeah his family is his outlet and he needs his woman in that same frame of mind because if she is sooo busy with industry work people pulling her here and there will she really have time to be there when trey needs her? And the competition battle alone is stress and I just truely pray everyday that he finds a simple lady that has the time and has her own and still there to be his friend, his peaceful zone as well as love family she has to balance with him and his lifestyle and most importantly SHE HAS TO RIDE 4 HIS FANS because a jealous woman for Trey will not work she needs to love his fans and be a role model for herself not Trey shadow... Only time will tell my fingers are crossed for his love journey until then his ANGELS are #1 next to his family and music #Wegothisbackif wetrueangels's picture

To Treysinspiration I agree withh everything that you wrote,he does need a good woman to have his back.On his reality show you constantly see him working non stop and it has to be stressful at times .So i think that he needs a woman thats understanding and someone that can handle his lifestyle.

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It does'nt get too much better than Lauren London. But if in fact she did have a baby by Lil Wayne then that makes Trey a BALD HEAD for wife'n her up! That's just something you don't do! Lol ~ Dennis_Yupp

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I think he should deal with who he want,,, if you feeling somebody the dam thing is what i say..i never been a hater

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I truly love what you wrote.

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I think for entertainers that are on the verge of major stardom it is important to say they are single. Once they are established it doesn't matter. I believe for the most part the media likes to see celebs dating it helps sell magazines and increase ratings.

Trey claims he was never engaged to Helen.

I don't know but I don't always feel because someone was with you before you blow up that they are the best person for you. A lot of people like to latch on to people that have potential for major success.

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I think Trey needs someone out of the Industry,,,, because its too much competition and most celebs have been passed around and money hungry a regular person non celeb will appreciate the simple things and love Trey for him and being pretty is cool but the beauty of the inner is what counts and character traits is what Trey wants... I think the internet blowing things out of portion and I dont care abiout the rumors whatever trey do with his love life is him I just hope and pray she is his Angel and got his back he really needs that special lady friend to keep the pressure off him even tho he smiles alot we dont know how he feels when the actions and cameras go off.. lets all just pray he makes the right decision when the time is right... No hating #IMJUSTSAYING

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Oh god yes I just saw the clip of her being so happy about Trey winning his award.'s picture

Trey was enaged to the girl name Helen back in 2008

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I think they are a couple. Trey can say whatever. :) Though I think both Lauren and Helen are pretty ladies I don't like the idea of him with either one of them. But that is just me. :)

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was it even a year ago??? she sure moves on fast tho

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I like Lauren. That whole Lil Wayne's baby momma aspect does throw me off a bit lol but hey if he doesn't mind then it's cool with me. Besides, they aren't an official couple......yet. But I think they may be working towards it. When they do become official we will know. Trey's never been one to shy away from saying if he has a girlfriend or not =)'s picture

I agree with you.A celebrites personal life has nothing to do with their professional career

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Let me start off by saying I am one Angel thats behind!! LOL! I dont think I knew about the rumors of Lauren and Trey dating and thats simply because I choose not to dig to deep into artists/celebs lives. Yes, I love Trey, but I love Trey for his music, for his determination to be successful, for his hard-work, and dedication to his fans. I dont feed too much into what he does in his personal life, him or any other celeb. I feel like just because they are in the lime light, doesnt mean their business needs to be broadcasted or that people have the right to be nosey. Celebs are regular people too and I know I want my privacy, so I wish the media wasnt so damn nosey and would respect their privacy, but we live in an imperfect world....
Now as for Trey and Lauren, umm well...she is gorgeous (so kudos to Trey if they are together) and Trey deserves to be happy. To live a life without love is to live no life at all. Trey gives his all, 110% non-stop, and with all that hard-work and dedication, its time consuming so idk how he'll have the time for a relationship BUT you make time for what you want to make time for! He deserves to be more than happy!! Yes I believe that the media portrays ppl as more marketable when they're single, but who wants to be single forever realistically, so the media needs to do away with that one. I want for him to have someone to share his life and his success with...he more than deserves every blessing God sends his way, and I pray he sends him a love thats mental, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and undying. So if its in the form of Lauren London, then yaaaay for Trey!! LOL :)

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I have to say that I am thoroughlly confused. Lauren London? Right, Nu Nu from ATL! LOL! She IS beautiful though, but I agree that she moves on quickly but he did say they were "just friends" though, and I believe him. I thught that I read that he was rumored to be currently dating the Sports Illustrated model Jessica White, and she has been in a few of his videos. She is equally stunning too! Tremaine is a grown man. Aside from his work he needs that companionship. He seems like a great guy and certainly a dream catch. So humble! A trait that is hard to cme by in alot of men. He is a go getter. I do think though that he is entirely too busy t devote his time to maintaining a meaningful relationship and he is at the epicenter of his career, he must be dedicated to his work. He is our next iconic artist and unfortunately along with that status comes lonliness. He will never be truly alone though, he has his family, friends, us his fans and the Angels. We will hold him up!

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Well according to Trey in his recent interview with Angela Yee he "claims" that he & Lauren are only friends but then again he also said he took her to meet his mom & he said there has only been one other woman besides her to meet his mom. That makes me skeptical hmmmmmmm lol He admitted that being single makes him more marketable to his fans so with that being said i don't think if he was actually in a relationship he would publicize it anyway because of how it might affect his image & fan base.

With his hectic schedule i don't even see how it would even be possible for him to even maintain a genuine relationship with anyone. I personally don't think he's exclusive with anyone but I do think him & Lauren are more than just friends! lol But hey if they're together or even if it's not her & he's with someone else it's not going to stop me from being a fan. Trigga needs love too! : )

But personally & not hating I don't like the idea of them being a couple. I would rather see him back with his ex Helen than to be with Lauren. At least with them we knew they had something solid & real & they were together before his career really took off. I don't know too much about Lauren London. When I think of her i think of New New from ATL & Lil Wayne's baby mama. lol She's a beautiful lady though, I remember reading an article about her a while back and she said she likes "bad boys".

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That's a good way to look at it.