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Trey was in front of you!!!


  • Trey was in front of you!!!
    March 14, 2011

    what u gonna do f Tray was in front of you??

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on Mar 14, 2011 - 03:40AM

what u gonna do f Tray was in front of you??

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@Thread starter

Well Tremaine's been "in front" of me many times lol

and I just look and react the way I always do...

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LOL @ SexyFergie molesting him. :)

I'm with CutTGurl - you never how you'll react in any given moment. I think how I react depends on how I feel that day - like my confidence level.

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@Sexyfergieja lol what trey do just enjoy it

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@CutTGurl609 LMAO!! That is soooo funny, but I feel you on that. I can't even say what my honest reaction would be since I've yet to meet him.

I don't know what I would do if he was in front of me. I'm usually pretty confident, but I'm sure just by me being around HIM, would make me nervous and off my game. I'd probably be speechless for a minute, especially if I see that smile. Once my nerves were calmed (hopefully by him) lol I'd be alright and just talk to him...I think. Anyones guess is as good as mine. I can't wait to find out though :)

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Whatever he wanted me to. :)

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eat whatever is on the u spelt trey wrong lmao but i'd do what i always do feel up his ass and dont let dontae or buggzi see *wink wink* cuz if they see ur ass is gonna get thrown out thank God they didnt see me any of the times i was molesting Trey!!

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Play it cool... and jus enjoy the moment with him- talk, laugh, hug get my pic... maybe a kiss? :D

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LOL I remember you telling us that before.

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Well I'll tell you what I did versus what I thought I'd do lol I thought I would tell him how much I love him and how his words in an interview helped me to go for my dreams. I thought I would hug him and laugh and make jokes


Instead I just stared and smiled lol I was so nervous he was askin me questions and tryna spark conversation and I was givin him short little deadend answers and I wouldn't look him in the face. Oh yea and I pulled my hand away when he grabbed it smh *hands over face* lol

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Once I built up the nerve I would ask him to take a picture with me.

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frk out n get pictures n kiss him on his cheek once he allows me