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Twitter much?


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on Jul 24, 2009 - 04:56PM

Got twitter post it here & we can follow each other :)



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hwere follow me .

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new on twitter follow me

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followed some more of yall...said some of ya pages dont exist

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come join in on these #90stweets i got poppin lol

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hey yall. Follow me @TyraChaunte. New and tryna up my twitter game. Started for Trey and actually like it. Yuuup! LOL!

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ya can follow ya girl at\
holla at me

courtomy's picture follow me Trey YUUUP

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Has anybody ever gone 2 a Trey Songz concert??? If so How early do u show up so u get a good seat???

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i been trying to figure out how to send a message directly to trey does anyone know how. my twitter is lovingme HELP...

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following more.

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Whats good y'all?? Mine is....

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Aight, I'm following some more of y'all.
For some, it says ya account doesn't exist.

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addicted.2.sOngz's picture =) follow me and il follow ya back xxxxxx much love

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