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US Tour Dates


  • US Tour Dates
    October 07, 2012

    Does anybody know why the US tour dates havent been released yet?

evansterra2002's picture
on Oct 7, 2012 - 12:20PM

Does anybody know why the US tour dates havent been released yet?

Forum category:'s picture

Some tour dates have been released. ATL is the kickoff date November 17th tickets go on sale this Friday. November 21st Las Vegas; tix on sale Friday. Baton Rouge November 18th tix go on sale Friday. I hope this helps a little bit. :)

Linz84's picture

LOL!! I'm losing patience!

AriesChild's picture

Trey is infamous for springing tour dates on people super last minute. I'm not surprised that we haven't heard anything yet. They'll probably get announced today and go on sale tomorrow! Smh lol ;)

AriesChild's picture

I hope so too! That would be a definite plus!

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