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Verizon Center in Washington, DC on December 17, 2010 Guestbook


  • Verizon Center in Washington, DC on December 17, 2010 Guestbook
    November 04, 2010

    Hey Angels,

    Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

    Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


Trey's Angels Team's picture
on Nov 4, 2010 - 02:06PM

Hey Angels,

Let the other Angels know how excited you are about the show and if you’re going to be there.

Remember to leave your twitter handle with your comment, so you can follow each other and meet up at the show.


EuropeanEnvyy's picture

Yess I Was At That Concert & My Baby Trey Looked Soo Good OMG I Love Him Soo Much♥ My twitter @EuropeanEnvyy

neversons_angel's picture

Cannot wait to go to the show friday!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!! @Neversons_Angel

iSparks87's picture

Congratulations @T_Neverson!!! See you there!!!

TreySweetCandy's picture

Hey Ladies!! ~ I'm @sweetcandyclc on (Please Follow) IT ALMOST THAT TIME! YUUUUUP! on December 17, 2010 (SWEETCANDYCLC) will be in the HOUSE! I'm so very excited! I LOVE this MAN! I GO HAM!!!

Missc703's picture

Hey ladies Im @missc703. i dont think im going to be able to go to the show but i hope all you ladies have fun!!!

chela_matthews's picture

Hello my fellow Angels! I know we are ALL excited about us getting closer and closer to being able to see our favorite man performing for us! :-) I didn't get to see Trey on his PPP Tour, so I promised myself that the next time he was coming to town, I would be seeing him. So I have treated myself and bought floor seats, 10 rows away from the stage! Dec. 17th can't get here fast enough for me. I have heard rave reviews about the concert and i'm completely beside myself that i'm finally going to see him! Best Christmas gift for myself EVER! Lol. Love you Trey! And Angels, follow me on twitter @Bronze_Beauty54

tai_smith08's picture

Hey Angels! After seeing Trey perform on the PPP tour in B-More (we showed him crazy love that night) I had to get my tickets for the OMG tour. I'll be at the DC show singing every word with the rest of the Angels! Didn't get as close as I wanted but I'm close enough to see everything Mr Neverson will do. So excited can't wait for the show, 14 more days ya'll. DC we gotta make our show the best. C ya'll at the Verizion Center, follow me on twitter @tybaby24

neversons_angel's picture

Btw can @treysangels please follow me on twitter at @neversons_angel

neversons_angel's picture

I will def be in there!! Had my ticket since it went on sale!!!! SOOOOOO EXCITED TO SEE HIM AGAIN FOR THE 5TH TIME THIS YEAR!!!!

Miss. Tee's picture

I'll be in the and my home girl!!! Can't wait :-)

RaRa1126's picture

I'll be there front and center (well almost, 5 rows back) Can't wait to see Trey and Usher for the first time!

pmj282's picture

HEY!!! I am attending the D.C. show!!! READY 2 see *TREY* tear it down & 2 see Usher take it NICE 'n SLOW! :) :) :) 26 more dayZ 2 go!!!!!! Leggooo!


QUEENKB's picture

Can't wait 4 the OMG Tour on 12/17/10. S/O 2 my DMV TreyAngels!! I'm sooo Excited, Can't Wait!!


keepinitreal33's picture

Can't wait for the OMG tour in DC .... I am driving from Pittsburgh, Pa just 2 c Trey i will be seatin in the second section on the floor in row 7....this is my Bday and Xmas present 2 myself i just hope some how i can meet Trey if anyone can make that happen please let me know!... He is such an inspiration 2 me I am a young enterpner and I LUV his attitude!.......@keepinitreal33

MzNika's picture

Hey, I am @mzrudegrl on twitter I will be attending the OMG tour...DC about to be turnt all da way up!!

tickleme's picture

purchased my ticket!! so excited right now!!...rolling if you are too hit me up on twitter @ticklemeTrey ":-)

Sayeda's picture

Hello Angels. Im @ItsjustmeSai. I will be there. I have seen Trey at the PPP show and im so excited to see himagain. I havent seen usher but I hear he puts on a good show too. I mean im a angel that had to get his VIP so I can see Trey at better seats LOL. Ima be in there and cant wait to see and meet the DMV angels representing. Hopefully before the show some of us will meet up. DMV..LEGGGO!!!!!

LovelyT_2's picture

Hey Trey! I'm @TreysLove11_ on Twitter, Just wanted to show you my love by signing the OMG tour guestbook. I WILL be attending the concert in Washington DC @ The Verizon Center on Dec. 17. I enjoy the PPP concert in DC & can't wait to see you again. I will have my "Trey's Angels" shirt & go HAM! Can't wait, see you there

Tenisha's picture

Im going to be at the show best christmas gift EVER wasn't able to go to the PPP concert in DC cause of school but I did go in NC so it made up for i can't wait to get back to the DMV and see you perform and I'm saving the date also can't wait to get Trey's mixtape on his Birthday Nov.28th i know it's going to be nice follow me on twitter @T_NeNe Much Love to you Trey.

Ms_ChinaDollLes's picture

Hi my lovely Angels and Trey :-) this is @Ms_ChinaDollLes also known as #Vibrant Angel. I am so excited for the show on December 17, 2010, this will be my 5th time seeing Trey this year and first time ever seeing Usher. I can't wait both my sister and I are going and I know it's going to be so much fun....I'm so hype. I can't wait to also meet some more fellow Angels, everyone have a blast cause I know I will :-)

Vasiliki_xo's picture

Hey Angels!! This is @TreysGreekFreak aka #SeductiveAngel. This is gonna be my 3rd time seeing Trey and first time for Usher. I will be at the show in DC :) Lookin forward to seeing ya'll and gettin my Angel swag on for Trey!!

@LeetheCougar's picture

Hey Angels, Its me @LeetheCougar43 aka #1st ClassAngel. This will be my 2nd time this year seeing Trey. I first saw him and Monica on Sept. 4th. I am very excited and looking forward to the concert. I have never seen Usher in concert so I feel asthough I am getting 2 treats in 1. I will be in section 217 with the biggest mouth. I havent decided what I will be wearing, but I am lookin hard. So, I will see all my fellow Angels there and would love to meet you all in person.'s picture

It's your girl @LovelyThang80 I am so excited to be going to this show with my sis @LadyTee83!!!! We gotta be cute up in there too! :) See my fellow Angels there!

TayBay-B's picture

Hey Angles, Ima be there, so follow me @LadyT1993

Uneek_Chic_2's picture

Hey fam, its @Uneek_Chic better known as Kimmy #RareAngel and I am so excited for the OMG tour, can't wait to see Trey and my fellow angels!!! DC all the way live!!!

mii_sunflower's picture

hey yall am Mii_sunflower and i will be at the DC show i cant wait to c trey again. i miss him hahaha but follow me and i will follow u bck my twitter name is @mii_sunflower

iSparks87's picture

AYYYEEEEE!! It's Shannon AKA #PlayfulAngel!! I can't wait to see y'all there! My Twitter Handle is @iSparks87

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TreySweetCandy's picture

Hey Trey's Angels Team!!! ~ I'm a wonderful angel of TREYSANGELS!!! ~ YUP! ..My name on Trey follow me on
I love this MAN!....I was at the concert in D.C. (September)....I really thought I was in a room with Trey and he was ONLY SINGING to me! I place myself there with him, OMG! Yes, I am older with Class and this young man is very GLOWN for his age!...Ms. April has done a wonderful job with him; big UPs to her. I wanted Trey to follow me on Twitter for over a year now; maybe one day! I would love to meet him in person! I will be at the VERISON CENTER on December 17th, 2010....I'm so excited to see Trey again! I can't WAIT! .....I love TREY!