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Vote for Trey on Billboards's Fan Favorite Awards


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on May 9, 2011 - 05:27PM

Well even though Trey isnt nominated you still can put his name in the box where it say other. Let's get him this award !! :)


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On da real, apart from myself, CutiGurl, Bobbi and the Thread starter

have the rest of y'all been voting for Trey Songz?

All who've voted and been voting for this award for Trey stop by this thread and say "aye"
and let the Thread starter know...

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APPALLING! Appalling I tell ya that Trey was not on the list

I had to click "other" and write his name in

It seems you can vote multiple times...

Have all the users voted on this already? Trey's Angels?

y'all suppose to be voting night & day...

The Billboard Awards is May 22nd on ABC at 8pm ET
Let's get him this award...let's go!

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I did it. I'm gonna post this on my facebook and twitter.

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I did it. I hope he gets at least one of the awards he is a finalist in.