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Waiting on my Trey's Angel Package to come...


  • Waiting on my Trey's Angel Package to come...
    February 08, 2013

    how long does it take before i will receive it? i order it in December!!

Bnhenderson's picture
on Feb 8, 2013 - 01:21PM

how long does it take before i will receive it? i order it in December!!

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TreysAngelBria's picture

I also ordered my stuff in December.. I just received it this week. I think it was because of the tour.. I could be wrong though

Bnhenderson's picture

I order my stuff in October I just received all of my items today!!!

tiffanie_neverson's picture

the email address is

tiffanie_neverson's picture

Me too ! I ordered on October, 28th... And nothing yet ! I emailed them again an again.. at the beggining they told me that they will send a new soon and few minutes ago, they told me that my package was sent on December... And now, they didn't reply to my message !!!!!

jawashin82's picture

I ordered mine in October and still haven't received it :-(

Qu33ntoni86's picture

damn i dont think i did mines til JAN so i know for a fact I'm a be waiting forever

catania_butts's picture

I ordered mine in Dec. and just got it on Valentine's day! So hang in there its coming

tamarahshivers's picture

I think i ordered mine the same time u guys did an i just got the rest of my order like 3 weeks ago. so u guys should be getting something soon i hope

tiffany_white's picture

I need their email address as well. I ordered mine in November as well.

kimgides's picture

I signed up in November and still did not get it, what is the email?

chennelii3's picture

6-8 weeks :( but you should try emailing them they are on back order right now tho

Bnhenderson's picture

What is their email address? With my concern!

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