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What attracts you to Trey the most ?


  • What attracts you to Trey the most ?
    July 24, 2009

    Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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on Jul 24, 2009 - 03:00AM

Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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Musikkk - Outgoingg Personalityy - Funnyy & Sexyy !

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Honestly i cant find nothing i dont like about Trey!!! Im not just a fan i really like him for him and never have i one on one met him him in person...i love his nose, his sexy lips the way they kinda pout, his eyes they're so endearing especially the way he stares at people when he's singing or talking!! I love his complexion, him with hair..i woulda braided it for him, without hair he look so grown and sexy, i love his height, his body before and now...damn, his tattoos, his smile especially, the way he dress is so attractive, his voice is amazing and can never be compared to the rest, and the number one thing that attracts me to him is his lyrics, the things he talks about rather it be sex, love, heart-break, whatever, i understand him, and it feels real like no fake ness involved he dont just try to make to make a hit, he sings from the heart. i love him like a woman should always love the man she adores and admire!! Oh and i seen him eat live on u stream and he eats like the way you expect a dude to eat and i like it cause he not tryna impress nobody he eating to enjoy and because he's hungry!! Not to be fancy and his speakin voice is wonderful!! WELL THATS ENOUGH I CAN TALK ABOUT HIM FOR HOURS!!

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Everything.. But ill say lips to be specific

Hes so gorgeous
luv him x

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well i have to say his singing and and most of all his looks he very different from other singers he tell a story and paint pictures with his music he is ALL I LISTEN TO I LOVE HIM MOST ALL AND I CANT FORGET HIS SMILE AND HIS LIPS I LOVE U TREY XOXOXOXOX

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I been loving his music since the day he came out but that big smile of his won me over!!!!

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his lips!!!!! his smile!!!!!!!!!

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well i'd always just like his look. bt when i started listening to his new album i realized that he had this mature thing going on for him. it's in his swag and undoubtedly his music! he's a great lyricist and he sings with more than passion! + Trey is Absolutely GORGEOUS !

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he looks just like my boyfriend-seriously

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Those lips and that strong voice... whoa need i say more oh wait here it is. the indentation on his side ( the muscle that defines the low side ab from the hip area... NONONONO i got to stop

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his smile,abbs,and cute-ness

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welll for me
its the voice n then the loook
trey can sing realy well n can relate alot wit is songzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
n thats wuts up
cant lie he got a good i love the expresion tha he give when he sing :D :D
but yea
ILOVE you trey

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I always luved his music but I became attracted to him bc of his personality. He's just so damn silly! And I luv that. But physically I luv his eyes. I really believe they r da windows to the soul. His teeth arent bad either. lol!

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Not just his looks, its the fact that he loves his music and wont change it to be like everyone else, which is hard to find. Also its that he's smart aand funny and just seems like one of the people you can talk to really easily.......Okay! His looks too! But ther's more to him than that Id bet.

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his lyrics are so powerful' u really have to listen to him to understand him' and his swagg' so sexy..

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Other than the fact he's gorgeous i would definitely have 2 say his eyes & his music. His eyes because he seems like a sweet person & this one particular look he does is juz sooo sexy lol. His music because it's juz so great. Some of the songs i can relate to & i appreciate those songs very much. On top of the fact that Trey puts his heart into his music makes it even better


wat attracts me da most 2 trey is his lips,eyes.body,songs,swagga,sexuality,and da way he talk....but if i talked 2 him it would be his personality and his realness

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his voice, his lyrics, his body, his looks, his smile, did i mention his lyrics... he's every thing that a girl cud eva want. n damm them lips. He cud put them all over me ANY DAY!!!

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for me...i'd have to say his voice (normal) when he talks its like everything in me just melts and i lose control over my whole. his music is part of it though and his looks. but if he ever started talking to me he dont even gotta sing i would just feel all jittery and my stomach would start gettin butterflys. and his lips look so good!

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Wow. Is it because he has the voice of a god or the face of an angel. I can't pick. It's so hard to find a male R&B artist with vocals like his. I think he has the lyrical stamma of the OLD R. Kelly with sex appeal that can only be defined as TREY SONGZ!! *deep breathe*

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His Sexy Voice! Uqh Man, When He get The Singing, I Just Melt, And Then His Perfect Smile Also..... U GOTTA Love Him!!!!
Aint Nothinq Like A Attractive, Handome, Sexy Guy With An Charminq Voice!

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He has the smoothest voice and he makes you feel like you are the girl that he is singing to. He is sooo talented! His eyes, lips, tatts....need I say more?

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Did I forget to mention the tattoos! I love 'em with tats!

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His voice is so sexy! His sexy-ass lips, and his gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes. And that body, that body need, I say more! And let's be honest the boy is fine as hell and his dress-code is swaggalicious. What's not to love?

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well for me his swagger sexy lips beautiful smile, eyes soulful music and mostly the type of person Tremaine is.

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His eyes his body jus mostly everything . I love his sexiiness

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We all know Trey for his voice and his sexy lips and handsome face and very matured body. But, Trey's sense of fashion attracts me!!!! lol you're putting a fine man in clothes and shoes that define dope, fresh, clean cut, and you're gonna end up with a flawless person. So his fashion+his music= A very Handsome man! umm (smh) yes! Love ya Trey!

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Definitely his voice (his songs) he got talent, also, i love his glossy eyes and that electrifying smile............and the gestures (his swag).....>>>>>>>>>>

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What attracts me to Trey is his music. His music turns me on. Also his smile is a killer.