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What attracts you to Trey the most ?


  • What attracts you to Trey the most ?
    July 24, 2009

    Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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on Jul 24, 2009 - 03:00AM

Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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NYHUNNY4L's picture

I love his swag its like no other. His ability to paint a picture with his music is anotha thing. And it doesnt hurt that hes attractive lol

MeMeNicole83's picture

His smile, humble personality and his voice.

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For me it is so hard to choose because he is the whole package. I just think that he is the perfect man.

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What attracts me to Trey is his SWAGG!! he look good and he is very confident but not to the point where he is conceited.

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OMG!!!! EVERYTHING!!!! lol, I mean he is just sexy..everything from his music, his smile, his swag, his body (tatted up i love it)!! It is just everything about him, and the fact that he is very down to earth, i met him twice and I was never turned off because he didn't act cocky or anything... Trey is the best!!

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His humble ways, his knowledge, his wisdom of knowing that everything he has- looks, voice, friends, fans-comes from God.

He's better than the rest, cause he is the best!

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WOW!! what doent !! lol i love all of him ;) but his smile is a turn on but hes perfect in very way !!! yuuup!!

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Hmmmm Besides his AMAZING voice I would have to say.... Those lips because they are just soooo Juicy; Then his smile (It makes me smile every time I see it); His attitude because he seems as if he is the most down to earth person; That Body Oh.My.Goodness he is sexy; His Tattoos because I just love tattoos; His eyebrows because they are just weird;

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I luv his voice cause when he sing u can really feel the emotion behind it!! He is sexii as hell and i luv his tatoos!!!
I like when he remake othe peoples songs cause most of the time they be better than the original!!! He is just the hottest thing out right now!!

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since im his diva i would say his sexy @zz body and lips but to tell you the true his music attracts me the most and i love wen he say YYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP! Lmao

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Well ofcoarse he is sexy ass hell and those lips damn those lips i would love to kiss those lips but the music is what sets it off he is the best to me right now and i don't think nobody will knock him off his game ever. Every time he comes out with something new it is a hit no matter what it is even if it's just him on somebody else shit. He make there shit better and i can not forget that sexy ass body boy i can tell that you been working out keep up the good work with the music and the body and keep those sexy ass lips nice and sexy...lmao:)

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i Love his body and his looks, he is so handsome and sexy. everything about his appearance is breath taking. i always joke around with my friends and say that "he was hand crafted by GOD. he took extra time is creating this man" ha but I'm also a sucker for a mans singing voice. Treys voice is one of a kind, every time i listen to his music i just melt. he is a very talented artist who i think as great things coming in the near future.

and he is also MY FUTURE HUSBAND lol yea he knows already =]

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I love his confidence! It makes his performances and interviews worthwhile because he always seems to know exactly wat he talkin about while being smooth with it at the same time! && i jus ABS0LUTELY AD0RE his SMILE!!

dblack1029's picture

his voice, his SMILE, those LIPS..and the fact that he doesn't act like a celebrity :)

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EVERYTHING!!! He that dude

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1st his voice when he talk nd sing
2nd his smile
3rd his eyes and eyebrows
4th his juicy lipz
5th his body
6th his attractiveness
7th his tattoo
8th the way he lookz at me in his vids. and in his photos

Brittney Simpson Watts Nerson's picture

i wuld have to say his voice! omg Trey has the most seductive vioce i have ever heard! Trey has it all the looks, the body, the talent, the swagga! He's just all around perfect! I love all his songs i can listebn to him for hours!

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His music/voice/soulful sound attracted me to him in the beginning and I still feel the same way. I mean I loved Gotta Make It before I ever saw the video. Him being FINE AS HELL is an added bonus.

Treysphillygurl's picture

the thing that attracts me to trey the most is his drive...he's so passionate when it comes to his music & that is very sexy...his voice is beyond amazing!..last but definitely not least...his face & his body.............enough said.

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Trey is the WHOLE package!

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The unreal dedication to his fans.

Treystruenumba1ncfan's picture

i love his swagg.. i mean i haven't seen or met a dude wit swagg like treys. he has his own aura about him that captivated you whenever your in his presence.. i mean iono and of course his voice just makes you melt.. and his smile..and his songwriting and singing ability is out of this world... i mean i just like everything about him!!! and did i mention he is just plain gorgeous...and his lips look so delicious!

Mz.JFayeTrey's picture

I would have 2 say his voice,I heardhis voice before i even seen him and fall in Love with his amaze voice!!! And after i seen him and that smile he had me as a fan!!! So, t started trying 2 find out where this soulful and sexy young man came from and the more i learned about him i found out he is truly talented, real, charm,humble and giving! And he Loves the hell out of his fans and we Love him back!! THANK U 4 TAKING US ALONE ON YOUR RIDE 2 THE TOP!!! GOD HAS BLESSED U!!!

SdizziampltYuuupampgt's picture

I love His Dimples!!! lol But I also love the Voice.... He Has Undeniable Talent and who ever doubts him is soooo stupid but will be convinced soon as he opens his mouth and his lyrical talent is...... words can not explain!!! He has me in tears every time i hear him accpella!!!!!

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I would definitely say he has the whole package that I appreciate in a man. He's smart, talented, humble, and sexy.You can't get no better lol

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besides the obvious(his looks) i wud really have to say his passion nd drive for music...i admire that about him...oh yeah nd his confidence cuz he know he da

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I would have to say his beautiful spirit...I can feel it through his songs, his interviews, and his shows...he go HAM for us...and you can't help but love it! And it does help that he is good

Nikki24_TTU's picture

His voice is what drew me in but what keeps me there is how HAM he goes 4 his fans!!

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I lurve his smile!