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what is the one thing u would like to do to Trey


  • what is the one thing u would like to do to Trey
    March 09, 2011

    plz keep it clean 

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hmmm....let's see....well, first off, i would like to get to know him, the real him, not Trey Songz but Tremaine.....anything else can come later lol ;)

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Oh and it would be an original song written by Trey and I

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Ok the one thing I would like to do to Trey the most.......hmmmm.......... I would say I would like to ummmmmmm, man forget that.... I would LOVE to sing a duet WITH Trey and perform it live. That would be like a dream come true fa real!!!!

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I would make his ass follow me on twitter.... and delete all his other followers. ;)

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OHHH, it's a lot of thing that I want to do for himmm!!! First of all,I will talk , hug and make him feel happy

miss him so*

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There is a lot I would like to do to, for and with Tremaine! But first n foremost I would wanna get to know Tremaine even if it meant sittin in the house just chillin talkin n laughin!

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or just get to know tremaine not trey

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wow pray that was an unexpected one. for me i would just like to do something fun like go disney world or something but of course we wud do that at places where celeb go, cuz then if we go to disney then we just might not have much fun hence everybody is gonna b freaking out.

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pray with him.

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get a hug a kind that would make him smile :-) lol