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what is the possibility trey wud be actually beat women


  • what is the possibility trey wud be actually beat women
    April 05, 2011

    is trey like chris or is he to much of a mama's boy

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on Apr 5, 2011 - 05:50PM

is trey like chris or is he to much of a mama's boy

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@LisaLeigh30 - Thanks for sharing! I'm a fan of CBs music, but I totally agreed with his perspective.

Every person is different. The most gentle spirit in the world paired with the wrong person at the wrong time can definitely make a "wrong" mistake. It's about learning to walk away or to not be bothered with ppl that can take you there. First, I want to say that Trey is older and seems to be a lot more maturer than CB. But didn't CB just turn 21 or something? He's always shown playing around. I get the idea that mentality-wise, he's about 15. Plus, Idk whether Trey experienced spousal abuse in his home at an early age or not, but CB did. That type of stuff impacts a child's life forever. I remember TS saying in an interview that he did know about an aunt being mistreated or something. But it's almost like a role of the dice. For example, most victims of sexual abuse were abused themselves. But most don't reciprocate the violence, but there are some that do...

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My bad, I meant to say that I hope Trey "wouldn't" beat a woman. I would never wish that on anyone.

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I can't call this one just yet. You can never tell what a person is capable of until you see some of the things that they have done. I have heard the saying "Birds of a feather flock together." They also say that all black people look alike. I don't agree with either one of them. Who knows, Trey could be capable of worst things than Chris has done, but just like Chris's fans, would we want to believe them. We would probably try to justify his actions, just like Chris's fans. I have my own opinion about the Chris Brown fiasco, but I will keep it to myself. I hope that Trey would beat a woman, but if so, I hope that she would be smart enough to not let it slide. I don't think that we have to become a product of our environment or the people that we associate ourselves with. I see some of the things that my friends do, but choose to not become a part of that. I can care less what someone else thinks of me, because I take care of me and mine. People will say things about you, whether you are guilty of it or not; that's just the way things are. If you decide to fall into that trap and become what they say you are, you can only blame yourself. A family is full of all sorts of personalities, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a family. You don't have to be who someone else wants you to be. Live a happy life and be yourself, and love yourself for being different. Who cares what others think, GOD loves you no matter what. That's all that matters. Good day everyone!!!

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thanx for posting that video...I found it interesting

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I think he is capable of beating a woman just like any other man. However, I think he has the capability of pulling back before he gets to that point.

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@ treyonelove yeah i agree with u when u say, "just because they hang together doesn't mean that Trey is anything like Chris" but u must remember according to lisaleigh30 birds of a feather flock together, n ppl's behaviour practices are often influenced by the environment or institution they are in.

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I dont think Tremaine would but u never know, but I dont think he would! As far as the Chris and Rihanna, Ive always felt like they didnt tell the whole story! I think Ri Ri was in the car talking mad shit!

And just because they hang together doesnt mean that Trey is anything like Chris.

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Mama's boys are capable of hitting women but I see many things in Tremaine but a woman beater; no. But I knew this would happen. Last year I posted on a blog that Trey needed to stay the hell away from Chris Brown because of this particular reason. Birds of a feather flock together.
People said it was more to the siuation with Rihanna than the media let on and she threw him in front of a bus. That nigga got off and easily because of his fame. I said that nigga was going to show his true colors by March 2011. I need to get a cookie, becuz lo and behold, the brother couldn't help himself on GMA. Now this is how I feel about the Chris Brown situation and please when it comes to comparison of personality, please don't comparre him to Tremaine thanks.

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You never know even if you've known someone personally for years and they were never known to be violent towards women. I could just hope and pray that Trey can keep his anger under control enough to never hit a women and stay blessed with a sense of calm to know that God will handle whatever it is that needs to be handle and there is no reason for him take matters in to his own "hands"....... literally lol but forreal tho

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I dont think he would, i just see something different in trey than in chris brown when it come to respect...Trey can actually do an interview and get asked questions that he may not like and wont go and trash the dressing room break windows ect( well not yet lol) i think trey has it in him to be verbally harsh but as far as hitting nah i dont THINK so but idk...Chris Brown just has so much built up anger in him that i dont see in trey...

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TREMAINE has too much respect for women, not saying Chris doesnt. He's been taught by his Mumma & Granmumma how to treat a woman, not saying Chris hasnt. However, its less likely Tremaine/Trey Songz will disrespect a woman in ANY way. Not saying its not possible, but I doubt very highly he would! His Granmumma Rose & Mumma April wud have his ass for it if he did!