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what is your favorite song of trey's?


  • what is your favorite song of trey's?
    July 24, 2009

    i love his song "Feeling Myself" its beautiful and soft and just nice. I cant stop listening to it and his voice is so wonderful. what about yall?

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on Jul 24, 2009 - 02:44PM

i love his song "Feeling Myself" its beautiful and soft and just nice. I cant stop listening to it and his voice is so wonderful. what about yall?

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It Still Hurts
I need a girl
Cant help but wait
Brand New
Ego Remix
Paper Planes Remix
Basically i love everything mii babi makez!!!!! BonG!!!!!

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ego, invented sex feat. drake,addicted 2 songz,paper planez,she aint ma girl feat. sammie,wake up, im da man feat. plies, successful, sticky face,bed bath and beyond, alwayz twisted, cheat on you, cuddy buddy, every girl, brand new,love safari,u belong 2 meh,first date sex,murder she wrote, lol smiley face feat. gucci nd soulja boy, on top,last time,

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i love "in the middle" off his 1st album, alot of people slept on him the first album but that album is hot as hell

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"OKay well i like;
We Should Be
Invented Sex
No Clothes On
Role Play
Takin It There- with Young Jeezy
I Ain't Playing
I Need A Girl
Takes Time To Love
Bed Bath And Beyond"
Bedroom G- with Sammie
In Ya Phone
You Girl- with Jay Z
Uh Huh- with T.I.

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Off the Anticipation album- Scratchin' me up, More than that, on top. I also love sex 4 ya stereo,long gone missing, last time, store run, missin' you and role play. I Love I'm da man feat. Plies. Anything Trey does is hot!

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"It Still Hurts" He fools around, She fools around, but it still hurts!

Let's all Go Ham 4 Trey and Pre-order Ready. He works so hard!

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hatin' love
i gotta go
last time
sex for yo stero
on top
no clothes on
we should be
sticky face [ ahem , no comment )
it would be
make it rain
giv ya ( ft drake ]
she aint my gurl

those are the ones i can think of at the moment ; i love all his songs !

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my favorite rightnow is successful n i stero sex n i need a girl

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i love all his music even from the mixtapes they all catch my attention they all are that deal keep it cumin baby...

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i love every song that trey is on..seriously. but some favorites are gotta make it, on top, can't help but wait, missing you, more than that, you belong to me, kinda lovin, etc...the list goes on & on!!!!!!!!

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right now bed, bath, and beyond

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too many to name really, it might be easier for me to name my not so

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I Love "Coming for You" I looooooovvvvvvveeeeee that song!!! And I Looooooovvvvvveeeeee "In the Middle" and "Hating Love" and "On Top" Lol I love All His Songz YUUUUUPPP!!!!

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Currently "I Need A Girl" is my favorite. Not because it's one of the latest songs, but because I like what he's talking about. So romantic:)

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I Love mostly all his music, but "I Don't wanna leave" (but I gotta go tho) I love that line ;0)
- I Need a Girl - Infidelity- anndd "YO SIDE OF THE BED" Classic!!

{Ghetto People -lol}

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wow that's alot! but my NEWEST ones are
Bed , Bath, & Beyond
It Would Be
Scratchin Me Up
Feeling Myself
On Top
Does She Kno
omg i can go on & on lol..he's trult talented!

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"Feelinq Myself"
"Scratchinq Me Up"
"Bed, Bath & Beyond"
"First Date Sex"
& "Woner Women"
I Have A Lot More But Dhose Are Dha Basicsz =]
I Luv Trey !!

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Cant Help But Wait
Make it Rain
On Top
Always Twisted
Every Girl Remix
Ego Remix
Girlfriend Can come too
I need A girl

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top 3 so far...gotta make it, in the middle, & cant help but wait

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i love an old song from gotta make it called hatin love... then my nx favorite song would be LOL :-)

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He is the effin BEST!!! While I absolutely LOVE ALL of his music these (5) are my Favoritest of All:
1.) U Belong to Me
2.) More Than That
3.) Feeling Myself
4.) Just Gotta Make It
5.) Wake UP (Mario Cover to Break UP)

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It's hard to pick 1 favorite so I have narrowed it down to 3. It Would Be You, We Should Be, and In the Middle.

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I luv allll of Treys Songs but my fav would have to be "On Top" or "Yo Side of the Bed"....I can't

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Favorite song EVER? Way toooo hard, but my fav off anticipation is "ON TOP" :)

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This is a hard question I would say my top 2 are. Gotta go, I need a girl.

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i love all his songs but my new favorite onenow is i need a girl i just love the melody and i cant stop singin it its in my head all damn day......

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It's a really hard question to answer. Trey has a very hot collection of songs. I'll say my random top 10 are:
Gotta Go, It would be, If it's hood that you want
Coming for you, RolePlay, Amen, Infidelity, In the middle, From a woman's hand, Gotta Make It, and Make It Rain

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Wow! This is a hard question. I like a lot of them. Here are some: Wonder Woman, Just Wanna Cut, No Clothes On......there are a lot from the mixtapes like Slow. I love that one. "Ah girl, I know you ain't neva met G's like us before, neva smoked trees like that before tonight...." lol that's my ish.....girl you done got me started wit this damn topic lmao