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What's the difference between a Fan and a Groupie?


  • What's the difference between a Fan and a Groupie?
    September 21, 2010

    Lately I've been hearing a lot of BS from people referring to me as a groupie.  Is there anyone else experiencing the same thing? I think the terms Fan and Groupie do have some simular characteristics, but the thing that differentiates them is the fact that a Groupie is someone who wants to infiltrate and basically Fuck anyone that the Artist is associated with just to get to them.  A fan is someone who genuinely supports an artist to the full out extent.

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on Sep 21, 2010 - 09:51PM

Lately I've been hearing a lot of BS from people referring to me as a groupie.  Is there anyone else experiencing the same thing? I think the terms Fan and Groupie do have some simular characteristics, but the thing that differentiates them is the fact that a Groupie is someone who wants to infiltrate and basically Fuck anyone that the Artist is associated with just to get to them.  A fan is someone who genuinely supports an artist to the full out extent.

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Those slow ladies that called to that radio station thought they were standing out by doing that. But it only made them look bad.

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@SShorty Yea i've seen the actual interview where he's in the radio station. SMH @ those women.

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Well,a fan is a true person who has been with trey from day one and will continue to support trey and his music,and loves him for who he is!:))
Now, haha a groupie is somebody who just cares about their fame,all they want is their if they were ever in a relationship with trey they would only like him for Trey Songz...("The R&B Superstar,")...not,instead of likinghim as Tremaine Neverson the human being!:)
..That is a really good topic

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I've heard that interview and SEEN it too

It's a four part interview with Angela Yee and they video taped it so
you can see his facial expressions...

if you start watching the other'll soon see it

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Good question! I consider myself a fan meaning that I will buy his cd's, go to his concerts, i might pay a little extra money for a meet & greet but that's where it ends. I think when you're a fan your more so supporting the artist. Now a groupie 'in my opinion" is on a totally different level. When I think about a groupie, i think about the people who are basically trying to have sex with the artist or anyone in his entourage. They are drawn to the fame & money. I play around a lot about what i would do if i was alone with Trey but if it actually came down to it, i wouldn't have sex with him. If he was just a regular person I wouldn't so the same applies to him as a celebrity. A lot of people are caught up on the "celebrity status" because in actuality we don't even know who he is as a person. Here is a link to a video I saw on youtube of Trey doing an interview. Some fans got a chance to call in and talk to him & some of the things they were saying blew my mind!!!! They are the definition of what GROUPIES are

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@COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess)

LOL Right. :)

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@jesusismysavior... mos def. i've come across quite a few undercover groupies. they can deny it all they want but they know they got them tendencies....

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There are some borderline groupies out there though. Some of the things they do seem like things that any fan would do but doesn't always come across as genuine. They are very strategic in what they do.

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I wish I a had a neighbor that looked like that. :)

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Yes some of his antics on stage does remind me on K-Ci and Bobby Brown. Massage isn't that bad but sometimes he puts his hands in places he has no business. LOL But I know it's a performance.

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wait, okay. i got it.

a GROUPIE wants something out of the celebrity. whether it be money, sex, fame, or bragging rights.
a FAN supports the celebrity... and doesnt intend to reap any benefits.
@THB.... you broke it the fxck down! i see you!

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You got it right mel... Don't let the word groupie get to you. You know the def so let that be that. I hate when people just throw that word around and think the can put just anyone in that category. And plus i know real groupies who's mission in life is to basically smash the artist and his crew. I kid you not... so as long as this is not your ambition then u straight.

Although I must say begin with Trey wouldn't be bad. lol The brotha is fine. And has an amazing gift.

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a good-looking neighbor tha sings well and goes on Tour

Lol @JesusIsMySavior's comment

about groupies giving a gift you can't return ha ha

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Well you about to bust a nut

because I don't think of Trey Songz in a sexual way

and that video of him giving the massage to the fan & simulating sex on stage
while most females I know was turned on, I just found it a bit too much

He reminded me of K-CI from Jodeci and R.Kelly
they use to do that sort of thing on stage...

I think Trey Songz at this point is just a good-looking neighbor to me

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Those groupies will give you a gift you can't return.

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as someone that has been on the inside looking out. A fan is the one who stands in line in the cold for hours to get good seats. or drives for miles just to give the bodyguard a picture they have drawn in hopes of a simple thank you or autograph and are satisfied with a handshake and photo. A groupie only goes to the after party (not the show) at the hotel with the goods on display for which ever artists asks for it first. It is really funny to see the chicks running beside the limo in stilettos and a mini dress. telling them the artist they will do anything. I am so glad my homeboys didn't fall prey to the groupies. at least not while I was around.

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OMG COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) Please don't draw any pictures busting someone's behind. LOL

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well i am a fan.........i listen to his music, watch his interviews, watch My Moment,ustreams and you tubes, love to hear him talk and joke around, look at his pics (love that smile). On the other hand u a lie if u say u never thought about him in a sexual way cuz I clearly have! I aint gonna follow him around or even try to sleep with him (I dont have time for all of that plus I'm engaged) but It does cross my mind.....and with all the ways he shows and says he'll put it on ya, who wouldn't?

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im not a groupie because i have no sexual intensions... which makes me a FAN that has not crossed over the groupie line.
if you want to get all technical, i MET him once and have met UP with him on 3 more occasions. big freakin whoop. lbvs.

LMAO @ mel! hahaha. :D

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@SShorty You are Crazy!! U stay on this Joint Tryna start sumthing. You betta cool it before @CoogiDown draw a picture of her ass Beating you the TFU!! HaHaHa! I love this Angels Site, Shit is funny as all hell.

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hahaha @SShorty is mad funny!

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You are so wrong for that one. LOL

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The bottom line is that there's not much difference between a "fan" & a "groupie"

A fan is a fanatic and a groupie IS a fan...

The difference is in intentions...look at CoogiDown she keeps saying that she's met Trey
a "handful of times"

how come she's met him more than once...
she could be a groupie who happens to be a

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i've been experiencing this for years.
i've come up with the perfect theory.

im a fan. i've had a few chances if i wanted to get down wit Trey.
didnt... because i like Trey for his music. i have no desire to step over that Groupie line. i would never fuck Trey Songz. i support him as an artist. yes, i've been lucky enough to meet him a handful of times. but i have never had any sexual intentions... he shows love so ima show love right back!

a groupie has intentions of layin up with an artist.
a fan buys/supports their music.

and the reason why people so quick to call the die-hard-fans groupies, is because we so obsessed. but fuck 'em. us fellow die-hard-fans feel you, i know EXACTLY where you comin from.

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If you go by that then we are all groupies. LOL As long as you aren't at the hotels were Trey's is staying and trying to give him your goodies than you are just a fan.

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I'm definitley not a groupie! and I will not say that I idol Trey because the only person I idol is God. I'm asking this because my Manfriend called me a groupie because lately ive been obsessing over Trey by watching all the ustreams, being on his site, or just listening to his music. I just need some understanding that's all.

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groupie (??ru?p?)

— n
1. an ardent fan of a celebrity, esp a pop star: originally, often a girl who followed the members of a pop group on tour in order to have sexual relations with them
2. an enthusiastic follower of some activity: a political groupie

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Dictionary def:

fan2 ? ?/fæn/ Show Spelled
[fan] Show IPA

an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity,

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A groupie to me is the people in Philly who were acting crazy , not all the Philly people just the ones who were bugging and yes a groupie provides sexual favors . I wouldn't even call us fans cause a fan to me is just like oh you like his music i like to think of us as literally his angels like we bless him with our support and show him the love angels show to us when we need it.