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    August 15, 2010

    Unlike Chris Brown & Usher, have we seen Trey with any girl that's allegedly his "girlfriend"?

    Has any of his old girlfriends come forward with a sex tape?

    Has any of his girl school friends said that he use to have a crush on them?

    And in the thread "What attracts you to Trey?", his so called lovers, they don't even know if he has a girlfriend or have had any girls for that matter lol

    so don't be shocked or surprised when your role model Trey bursts your bubble or turns out to be just a lil too sweet ha ha...

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on Aug 15, 2010 - 01:29PM

Unlike Chris Brown & Usher, have we seen Trey with any girl that's allegedly his "girlfriend"?

Has any of his old girlfriends come forward with a sex tape?

Has any of his girl school friends said that he use to have a crush on them?

And in the thread "What attracts you to Trey?", his so called lovers, they don't even know if he has a girlfriend or have had any girls for that matter lol

so don't be shocked or surprised when your role model Trey bursts your bubble or turns out to be just a lil too sweet ha ha...

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@SShorty you're kinda late too tho.... I've known this since..... oh, '06?

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Lol @Lady Tremaine replies

AND @Babidollface

Lol you're kinda late about the girlfriend and other girls info. I came to my conclusion about that on Dec 05, 2010 if you notice the post...

however, we've still got a few people talking like they know Tremaine personally; his feelings, opinions, and his reasoning, so the question is still pertinent...

Who Really Knows Tremaine?

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@babidollface1 YESSSSSSSSS! The truth has been spoken, yall! Girl you amaze me you just DID it. I been tryna figure out how to say that shxt!!

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wait a minute...what happen CUZ i was just mentioned BABIDOLLFACE @sshorty

And trey is linked to MANNNNNY women, i just seen a back in the day (skinnt trey)pic with trey and "hoops" from flavor of love in which i believe they may have had a fling or two. Now that trey is more Hollywood ,i believe he's being a bit more selective an cautious on who he sleeps with BUT back in "trey daY" album days i think he was getting down with who ever he wanted...Fans ,Groupies, highschool loves...everybody including HELEN and the chick on the side #imjustsaying lol

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One more thing someone needs to get homegirl or boy (can't really tell from the pic) off this website.

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And if he is so what he is still sexy as hell and if he wants it both ways that's his buisness. It has nothing to do with how talented he is. Stop h8tn on my man. even if he is another man's man he will always be Mine :)

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nah scratch that I've read BabiDollFace's thread

I realize that some of you Angels REALLY think that this Board is just for y'all lol

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that's right I'm not a "Trey's Angel"

but I'm able to post because I AM THE MODERATOR...

lol what kinda question is that? Do you think this Board is only for Trey's Angels? lol

now YOU "get it 2getha" lol

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Okay so I've just seen some pictures of Trey when he was younger
(around 17 years old and maaaan was he was CUTE...such a cutie-pie lol) anywho

He was with some school girls and one of them was his most likely some of
them no doubt must have had a crush on him and vice on this he gets a pass from my original post. Although a testimony would be good back-up evidence as well...

Also for the fact, that he divulged one of his so-called lovers' name "Tameka" who he was dealing with back in the day

so slowly I'm getting there, still the question remains Who Really Knows Tremaine?'s picture

why r u even able to post on dis site & ur not angel??? u need to get it 2getha...

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oooh snap!

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Ohh and btw...

I think ALL OF YOU "care" about Tremaine and his lovers

if yall didn't, you wouldn't have one of the angels right now posting up about
whether Tremaine is going with Nicki Minaj lol

and looky here, neither would yall have the countless threads about yall fantasies about his sextivities in some way or form...

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correction, I don't "throw around dirt"...

I throw around facts and DA TRUTH! lmao's picture

@S Shorty - were you referring to me or to someone else because I am the one who mentioned Jessica White. Yes she is very stunning you are right but you know what else she is??????? HUMAN, just like you, just like me, and just like Tremaine. I am sure she is NOT the first woman who did something incredibly stupid and she will not be the last. Everytime I start to think that you aren't really a hater and maybe you just want the blogs to bump............ "Here we go again" YOU jump out of left field with some irrelevant s***. Let me ask you something. Do you think any one of us cares about Jessica White or ANY of Tremaines lovers for that part? HELL NO. We are here for Tremaine. Check the address of this page cuz last I did it said TREY You must have missed me or something because you knew that posting that would get a friggin response. If you meant that I am a "Fanatic" hmmmmmm let me process that. Uhm yes you hit that right on the head. I am a fanatic for Tremaine Aldon Neverson a'k'a Trey Songz and HIM only. I fux's wit him yes, his music yes, his humility yes, his business savy yes, his blatantly up front honesty yes, his swagger yes, his love for people and family yes, his humorous side yes, his ANGELS yes, his cause yes, the unit yes, HIS WHOLE FRIGGIN MOVEMENT YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Do me a favor "IF" you were referring to me DON'T because I am trying to get along with EVERYONE here on this site even you but you are makin it hard. My pet peeve, people who can't stand to see someone makin their mark and always having some dirt to throw around about them. Keep me out of it puhleeeeeeeeeze!

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Yeah heard about that already. I think Jessica has a bit of hood in her.

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So according to a very zealous Fanatic, Tremaine seems to have a had a thing with
this girl called Jessica White, a stunning looking girl who's a Sports Illustrated model

but who seems to think that she's the new Naomi Campbell attitude and personality-wise lol

She was involved in an altercation in October of this year...check out the article link below

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Why is it because you dont see Trey with women, that makes him gay? People ever think about the fact that he doesnt have time for a girlfriend! What woman in her right mind would want to be wit a partner that she doesnt get to see 90% of the time? Or maybe he is just that dam private! WTF PEOPLE? Get over yourselves!

Hell he has only introduced 2 women to his mother so why would h introduce the woman to the rest of the world? The moment he does introduce the world to his woman I think we all know that she would have to the one! Its called PRIVACY people!!!!

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Lol @Brownc3cBrown

And you're clever...
I saw your comment before but I'm just noticing how you evaded
answering the lil minx lol

that means you must have had a few wet dreams about him huh?
You're probably one of those fans that kiss his poster every night before you go to bed
hoping that you meet, fall in love, and end up with him...

I notice Brownc3cBrown hasn't been around since then...she's probably out buying
her wings & halo for the Ultimate Angel competition lol

And KatieJ

How will Trey having sex with me be bad for his reputation lmao?
wait...I think this needs to be taken to the other post...I'll go bump it

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@ S Shorty

i saw a comment down there with sleeping with him lmao or something like that anyways. well he aint going to have sex with you is he:| thats just a tad over the top and bad for his reputation but obviously i dont know nothing as im from the UK lol but fair enough.

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@ Katie-jaynex

no-one is talking about sleeping with Trey in this thread. I believe some of them was talking
about him not being gay, however, if you want to talk about 'sleeping with Trey' you can do so
in my "Trey's Bedroom Skillz" post lol...I shall bump just for you lol

but the comment that really got me rollin comes from TeTe...I'm laughing while I'm thinking
about it and writing, she said

"Please don't speak ill of TROY, no need for that." LMAO
so maybe she's implying that there is need to speak ill of Trey...

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everyone is entitled to an opinion, good/bad.
you all have no chance in hell with sleeping with him so why hate on each other. enough said.

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@sshorty ur funny in my reply I said nothing about me liking trey or how sexy trey is..I stated facts and opinion but yet in ur reply to me u said somthing about me havin wet dreams bout trey .. where dat come from? I no unlike the rest u couldn't pick at anything I said cuz it all was rite and it showed how stupid this post is...don't feel ashamed u figured I goin to try in dog her cuz there's nothin I can say bout her comment..but u forgot I don't kno u and u don't kno me nor the ppl reading this so how can u dog me?.....its ok forget u wrote this .go on twitter and get chu a treysongz name and rep him like u want to.

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@COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess)

You're right.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

she aint a hater, yall... she speaks on the truth. not EVERY comment she makes is negative. yall just OVERLOOK her positive comments n its like blood in the water if she says something negative.
i like the fact that SShorty continues to be on here regardless of everyone calling her a hater.

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Please don't speak ill of Troy, no need for that.

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I agree with the positive comments about Trey. I think it's sick to start a dicussion on someone's fan page, yet be a straight up hater. Don't worry, hun, Trey loves his haters too. They're the ones who're really putting his name out there for the world to see. They're the ones who are building up his fanbase through curiosity. How many times have we thought we didn't like something, until one day we actually tried it, only to dicover we love it? Bong! That Haterade isn't so bitter now, is it? LOL.
As for the comments about Troy Taylor - Hell No!! Troy is my HERO. Without Troy, Trey wouldn't be who he is today. Troy is a God fearing, selfless, dedicated man,AND he's a positive role model for his son. Troy's workload is as busy as Trey's yet he takes time out to connect to the fans on a very personal level. I don't know him personally, but I know a whole lot about his personal life, and not from rumors, but from his own mouth. I'm a proud member of TTU and I love Troy Taylor for his tireless devotion to the artists he works with.
If more producers approached their jobs with the mindset that he displays, then the music we've been listening to for the last ten years would have been much better.
Just because a man doesn't sleep around and he puts God first in his life, that makes him gay? Well I'm saddened to know that positivity like that flies right over your head and I'm really disappointed in the WOMEN who made the comments. It makes me wonder what kind of man you'll pick to have children with. Women like you breed the hatemongers our society has to deal with on a regular basis.'s picture

@madhottmami69 Trust me it is a weight off of my shoulders to say it. Everyone may think I am a groupie and you know what, I'll be that! GOD and I know how I feel and why I feel that way about Tremaine and you as well whether you are bad mouthing him or loving him right?

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@nalston WELL SAID!!! BRAVO!! ENCORE!!!! *STANDING OVATION* u said everything i think about everytime i see comments like the ones below made by Sshorty and Leigh ugh it was such a relief to read wat u said @nalston thank you!'s picture

(cont...) I mean this is exactly why artists don't fellowship with people and isolate themselves from us, because people are constantly lying and spreading ugle rumors, trying to get with them to get the money, or to get a leg up into the industry. People like you and me are at a disadvantage because of hater people like @ S Shorty and her minions, when all we want to do is know the person. People don't be fooled by the image that we see of artists. They are not always out partying, traveling, spendin dough, or bangin every woman that will give it up to the. Allot of their time is spent in to endless rehearsals, tours, signings, and other business ventures. Very rarely do they have time to hang out in the lime light and even then it's business. Even Tremaine said in an episode of My Moment that he is saddend because very rarely does he get to be with his family and friends. Also on his hotline he talks about his Passion, Pain & Pleasure (in stores no!w LOL), and HIS pain was that he, TREMAINE feels like he is taking a back seat to who the world wants him to be (TREY SONGZ), and that he can't even leave his hotel room and go out and be normal anymore. That's a lonely and hurtful thing don't you think? Don't that make you want to wrap your arms around him, kiss him and say "Baby it's gonna be ok, I got you?" "Let me take some of your burden baby, I got you?" You are not human and have no heart if it don't They BEST thing about Tremaine is that as young as he is, he is humble and honest and up front wit his. The worst part is that he has faux fans that only thrive off of gossip and school girl chatter. My hats off to you baby (Tremaine), You did it, HELL you doin it! We are out here baby the TRUE fans who love you, lift you up, and would ride or die for you! I'm not an Angel, but like Charlie used to say: "Angels, legggggggggggo! LOL!!!!!!! ( For real though!)