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Who's been to one of Trey's meet and greets????


  • Who's been to one of Trey's meet and greets????
    August 08, 2010

    Who's been to one of trey's meet and greets? How long do they last, and what all goes on? Is it right before the show? I purchased tickets, but no info on the meet and greet yet I just wanted to know how this works... If someone could let me know that would be great :) thanks

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on Aug 8, 2010 - 02:22PM

Who's been to one of trey's meet and greets? How long do they last, and what all goes on? Is it right before the show? I purchased tickets, but no info on the meet and greet yet I just wanted to know how this works... If someone could let me know that would be great :) thanks

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I met him recently at his show in Southaven,MS and we were told to get there at about 6:15 but the meet and greet didn't start until about 7. It was a long line and you really only got 2 minutes with him, got a hug, took a picture, got another hug, and you walked out. He was really sweet and down to earth and you could tell he was appreciative. But like everyone said it was short and to the point. I wish I could have held a conversation.

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Has anyone been to one of Trey's meet and greets at his concerts this year? I have been to both concerts in Atlanta and im going to the one in Birmingham and im considering purchasing the meet and greet but it depends on the amount of time you get to see him.

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I went to one in Indianapolis. It was very brief because he had an afterparty to attend. We understood though. He was really nice. When I walked into the room he laughed and said he saw me going "ham" in the crowd. I was the only fan wearing the "YUUUP" shirt so I guess that's how he spotted me. He was really cool and down to earth. I told him he needs to come to Indiana University Bloomington for Little 500 Week. He said he might check it out. I hope he does. We always get big name rap artist, but never an R&B artist. I want another opportunity to meet him and pick his brain a little. His work ethic is crazy! It was a great experience meeting him though. :)

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Me and my twin sister met Trey at The Sound Check Pamper Party in Memphis Tn. It was cool but I wish we would have had more time with him. The radio station made it seem like he was going to be there for the entire party but he was only there ten minute. He was nice though. We each got to take a picture with him, we got a autographed picture, and he gave us all a hug.

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Mslex00 Love the pic !!!! I told ya he was nice and humble lol Hes gonna be in town this sat. at a club in Dc I wanna go the VIP area but it is so expensive lol maybe next time....

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Hey, I was at the meet and greet in Baltimore, I took my 13 year old daughter as well who loves Trey. It is very quick, you go up to him get your picture done, get your hug, say a couple of words and yur out of there. But I would do it again in a heartbeat, he is the best and so sweet. He fussed over my daughter, we had front row seats and he gave his shirt to my girl.
He's the best, whenever I have the opportunity to meet him believe me I will.

His team got in touch with me about five days prior to the show, we had to be there at 6p.m. and the show started at 8p.m. We all me in a designated area and were all taken back together, but you went one at a time in the room and there was only one other person in there with him, the person taking the pics, and there was someone at the door. You picked up all your vip material at the ticket window when you get there. It's all very smooth and organized.
But he is wonderful and very warm.
Hope this was helpful for you.

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Hey cynthia! I got to meet him last night yes it sure did feel like we were a herd of cattle.. But he's such a sweetheart very humble and smelled so good lol! I can't wait to meet him again for 30 more seconds lol...

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Hopefully i will be able to say dat

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He is tall Iam 5 feet so I wore high heels lol. My pic was blurry The girl did not know how to work the camera. The pic looks shaky oh well its been done with so Good luck keep me posted. @ Arisaja the show was so amazing. I want to go to the one on the 4th in Dc I just cant find good seats:(

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Damnn fa real? its like tht? im sorry tht happened. now im not even tht pressed to get backstage passes no more. i hope its not always like tht. nd i was at the Baltimore concert too. so amazing! :)

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Thanks cynthia I sure do need that luck!!! :) I will let you know how it goes... How did your picture turn out? :) one more question is he short? I need to figure out what shoes to wear for this picture lol

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They will notify you via email a couple of days before the show. He was nice and down to earth so sexy too lol. They say you cant give him stuff well you will see all the rules they give you before you meet him. I dont think its staged on who he brings on stage it seems real. Well good luck to you and let me know how ur meet and greet went. Hopefully it will be longer than mine.

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That's so cold! Uggg that's just wrong cynthia.. Well did he at least seem nice? I want to give him a small something where he won't toss it lol geez....ticketmaster still hasn't sent me any info about the meet and greet.. I meet him september 10th...I can only hope I get on stage... Do you think the massage is staged or does he really pick someone from the audience?

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MsLex00 The meet and greet was before the show. I was so excited to meet him I drove 2 hrs to meet him. I been thinking why was the meet and greet so quick? Then I started to think about everyone that would come out from the meet and greet had a straight face not even smiling.... maybe they were in shock. Not sure But I did pay a couple of hundreds to meet him I was thinking it was more less going to be like a mingle man was I wrong. Still sad devasted and speechless....

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Seriously cynthia?? Omg that's horrible that really makes me sad geez... I know those tickets weren't cheap at all... Goodness I hope I get pulled on stage since its about to be 20 seconds...I mean not even a min that's all bad... Was it before or after the show? My 20 seconds need to be worth wild then all the money I spent... Smh

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I just did the meet and greet at baltimore and it was like 20 sec per person. I was so sad and disappointed that I spent so much money and we didnt get much time to talk . It kinda felt like a herd of cattle. You are in you are out. Quick pic and hello move on. I am so disappointed that the autographed picture was already pre signed.

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

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I haven't been to one but I hear its after the show and may last all of maybe 10 minutes. You get to talk to him and take a picture with him its nice just don't take that 10 minutes for granted. Make the best out of it!!! Good luck!! Let me know how it goes!!