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Who's Going?


  • Who's Going?
    February 24, 2010

    Are you going to the BP3 Tour? If so, which show?

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on Feb 24, 2010 - 06:34PM

Are you going to the BP3 Tour? If so, which show?

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bklyntopchef's picture

the nyc show but i really want the diamond package for just me and they only sell it in sets of twos, i dont need ne one to come to the show with me so i want the best ticket possible

MISS NEVERSON_2's picture

moblie, AL
Birmingham, al

Bambie21's picture

im going sav ga

Chelsea122's picture

I want to go to the show in LA at Club Nokia, but I can't find the tickets on Ticketmaster now. Anyone know if the show got canceled or sold out?

E.A. LOVE's picture

HELL Yeah got my ticket and my trey's angels membership. I'm going to the grand prairie show driving from San Antonio, Texas Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!

M J's picture

Im hoping trey will be knocking at my door lol with tickets in hand (bay area location-oakland/san jose/san francisco)

I saw him a t a small venue with latoya and he blew my socks off, well i didnt have any one but he was the $h!t) he really stepped it up for the male R&B singers-one of the best I've seen yet (maxwell was good too tho) but trey had that sexy sex appeal ALLLLLLL the way down

sexygallaxtica's picture

wish i really could...but. it's sold out! all 'ove vegas luv u boii: L.O.L....SADFACE!

youngkodac's picture

Damn I wanted to go to the one in Washington D.C but matbe next time

Uneek_Chic_2's picture

I sure am!!!, I'm going to the March 7 show, in Norfolk, VA and I can't wait!!!, VA loves Trey *all day every day*