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    August 14, 2012
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WOW...I haven't been on here in a while. I didn't even know people didn't like the song. I really like the's a head banger. I don't think people fully embrace what Trey is all about. R&B is primarily what he does, but as a fan you should know that Trey LOVES rap...hence "Lemmeholdatbeat 1 & 2." He constantly gives us what we want--R&B--but at the same time we have to understand his love for rap and flow with it whenever he decides to put it on an album. Now you don't have to like his rap side, but as a fan & especially ANGELS I would still expect us to support him considering this has ALWAYS been him. Now if Trey all of a sudden switched to mostly pop or went all the way in left field to something like country, then I can see people having something to say, but RAP??? Nah, that has always been a part of him. Trey is being fully him. And the lyrics--calling women "bitches" is nothing new. If people are offended by that word, then they probably shouldn't be a Trey fan because he says that along with a bunch of other words. People can always cop that edited version. If you know who you are and what you are, then you shouldn't be offended by the words "bitches" & "hoes". They don't offend me. I'm the only one who defines myself. As long as Trey is giving me mostly R&B and some headbanging rap stuff, I will forever be a fan. I love what he does. And that's not to say that I like everything he does or that people gotta like everything he does. I will quickly say I don't get down with "Successful." The tempo of that song, along with Drake on it--I'm just not feeling it, but saying you don't like a song b/c its not R&B or b/c of the "bitches" lyrics is cray...we will get a bunch of that so its best to just jump off the train now.

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Personally I love the song to yes its a club banger and it gets alot of plays but I think its funny that people are reading into the lyrics to much bc he is Trey songz and we expect him to sing nothing but R&B so when we hear him singing about bitches and drinks people are like ''what that is so disrespectful of him singing that'' Which I think the song has some truth to it bc there are different types of women/men in the world that does fit the title of the song lol "I only came for the bitches and drinks"" or" Ladies and drinks" I don't see whats not to like about the song but people are going to have there opinion about it me I love it gets me going....What that being said Trey Songz/Termaine Neverson did not come on this earth for everybody to like him and everything that he do we know as true fans that Trey Songz is never going to give up being a true R&B singer he has been in the game for 7 years I think we all know as his fans that his career is very successful with a proud mama and a strong supportive team behind him.Thats why hes coming out with his 5th album CHAPTER V and already has off his CD 5 hit singles!!

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i have been wondering the same thing. i have been seeing on here how people don't like this song because they say it is not who is musically. they want him to stick to being a r&b singer. personally i like the song 2 reason. i know people r probably not a fan of him saying he only came for b***ches and drink. i guess people feel like this song is not him. i will always support trey in his music no matter what he decided to with it. i don't think he will ever switch from being a r&b singer. he has even said he will always stay true to being a r&b singer. that is who is and it is only one song that i know is being played in the clubs a lot for people to dance to. so if u don't like the song, it is fine. i guess people feel like it is taking away from what we all have grown to know him for and that is being an r&b singer. i know how some artist try to come out with a song that will help kick off what is expected to come from the album. i don't think trey is going in this direction with his music. i love trey whether he decides to switch up his music or just sticks to r&b.