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why do u think trey is the man for you


  • why do u think trey is the man for you
    January 11, 2011

     do you think trey songz the man for you and why

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on Jan 11, 2011 - 12:37AM

 do you think trey songz the man for you and why

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ok all good canidate......and no he is not into all that holloywood stuff he is a down to earth person i should no i spend a day with him and he is awsome and simple person he is just like me hardworking know when to joke but also when to be serious he loves kids i no that too i have a daughter which he kept asking about even gave her a shout out on the radio but we like all the samethings and his bday is a day before mine and funny thing is my daughter is 6 and her bday is april thats his mom name and my daughter name is rose same as his grandmother which is just weird....anyway trey i do love you.

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when i think about being trey i dont even think about the fame nor fourtune.... its odd but thats not even what i think of Trey cud be a maintenace man and id want him. I dont even care for his money and fame i just want him and i hope he hasnt gotten all boogie hollywood on me, cuz i dont live that hollywood life. I hope he's still trey that use to record in mamas studios or what ever that lil hole in the wall makeshift studio he and his cuzins used to record in. Trye if you READING THIS , DONT GO "HOLLYWOOD" ON ME kBYE :)

(*_~ < 3 ) *LOVEFACES* MUAH

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Yes TREY is the Man for me!!! He's a Sagitarius for one! He's the right height,he can sing me to sleep,he seems to give great massages, he's a family man, he keeps it real,he can do hair,arch my eyebrows, He has the cutest laugh. I heard Trey is a sweetheart, I love his humanitarian ways(one on one with fans) . He can get HOOD need be. He "ain't no Punk...he will superman on anybody that disrespect him. He has a sense of humor. He sheres the lime light with other artist (Lloyed) who may not be so hot right now. UUUUmmm he's the man for me because he's my soul mate!!(lbs) He can cook some fish macorroni and yams...that ish looked so delicious i wanted to jump in the screen. He's a normal guy, he's not all cocky. he has an assertive attitude, he's about business, wont be disrespected and just a TOTAL VIP PACKAGE. Ohh i heard he was packing too So most definitely the Man for me's picture

@NALSTON:you 've said it all that's exactly what i look for in a man.Whoever that special lady is in his life she is really lucky.He's the type of man that when he's in a relationship he tries to be faithful to whomever he's with.He stated that in a past interview with sister2sister magazine.I'm single but i'm praying to god that i find a man with those qualities.'s picture

I don't think , no I know that Trey Songz is NOT the man for me..........Tremaine is.. OR at least what I am saying is, he possesses the qualities that I look for in a man. If I wanted to be with Trey Songz in an intimate setting hell I could just light some candles and turn on my CD player! It is the compassion that I am looking for. It is the warmth, the humility, the intelligent conversations we hold at night as he wraps his arms around me at night and we fall into sweet slumber drunken from our embrace. It is the rushing home to him after a long day that I long for, the excitement of wanting to be with the man I love and who loves me. I want a family man, but also a fun man. Someone I can go out with Saturday night and someone who I can take to church wit me on Sunday and then to dinner at mom's that evening. Someone who thinks that I am the first and the last woman for them and even though they may have been with many, he only remembers and knows me. I don't know if Tremaine is like that because I have never met him but all I can say is he is capable of all that and you do not need to know him to see it in him. Tremaine's love light shines straight through Trey Songz. Trey Songz is a ladies man but you can see at times that Tremaine is looking a little empty like he is missing something and longing for something. That something is the love that only 1 woman, his soul mate and life partner can give him, and he knows it. No matter whether she is Helen, Lauren, or one of us... She is out there and only she will get to know the real man behind Trey Songz........Tremaine. I just hope she knows what she is getting is a prize catch even without the name, the fame, the glam, the money... TREMAINE is the man that we all look for in other men! I just love him so...

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Tremaine is the type of guy I could kick it w/ my BFF 4 life! Being in a relationship would be wayyyy to complicated!

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I dont know if I think Tremaine is the man for me but he sure does have a qualities that I like! I dont know him like that to think he is the man for me. But I will say every time I see him, he leaves me in aww because I find out something new every time!

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I don’t think he is the man for him. But he does have qualities I like in a man.