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Why is it such a problem for females under 18 to listen Trey's Music

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on November 1, 2010 - 1:11pm
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Does Trey's music really affect these teenage girls? Is he that inappropriate?

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Trey's music is not that inappropriate, I have heard worse in alot of different kinds of music whether it be R & B , Rap, Pop, Alternative etc. they are not too much different. Teenager's pretty much are drawn to anything that the adults disagree. But if parents think their teen is mature enough to listen to the music and do just that" listen" and not act out what they hear, then they should be ok. Parents just need to pay attention and monitor what their kids are doing in life. What they watch on tv and at the movies would be the same argument.

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As a teen i have to be honest it is a little inappropriate but i cant help but listen to it. it's not like we don't know about all that and we are enforcing it , it's just good music. and might i say every thong these days that people under 18 listen to might fall under that category. if it was soo inappropriate the wouldn't let us become Angels and go to his shows.

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my parents dont mind me listening to his music at all....

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@Thread starter

first off let me say that I don't think Trey Songz music, as in material, is for under 18's

that doesn't mean that the under 18's aren't listening to it and coming to his shows because
they are free to do so...until there is a law that restricts them of course lol

to answer the questions:

Yes I think it does affect teenage girls and that effect can be positive or negative

Further, it's not that he is "inappropriate" per say, but rather, some parents or grown folks
might find his material inappropriate and the fact that their children are listening to it

Let's take for example, the song "Love Faces" I don't know if you're a mother, but would you let
your child listen to that? with lines like...

"Don't it feel good when I touch on it
Wouldn't it be nice if all night I was in you"

Teenagers are very impressionable, susceptible, and for the most part foolish, as in naive.
They have not the wisdom that their parents possess...they are lacking; and in that respect
most of Trey Songz music can be very inappropriate for teenagers...



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