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Words to describe Trey


  • Words to describe Trey
    January 10, 2012

    Cheater. Liar, Insecure, Whore, Sex Addict, Nasty Immature, Childish, Messy, User Copycat, Fake, deceitful ,lame, Nosy, obsessed, add more....

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on Jan 10, 2012 - 05:38AM

Cheater. Liar, Insecure, Whore, Sex Addict, Nasty Immature, Childish, Messy, User Copycat, Fake, deceitful ,lame, Nosy, obsessed, add more....

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As a FAN or just a listener you never know the person behind the music but at the same token you can live with a man for 20 years and never know the real man behind the face so to say that about someone you don't know is extremely immature.

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Intersting responses,lol thanks

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Look, just enjoy the music. No one except his family and close friends know who he is on a personal level. Enjoy the music ladies!!! Enjoy the music, and never mind I do see that is a huge penis with a large pair of balls in that picture. Funny. That made me laugh.

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I'm sorry, but is that a huge penis and a equally huge pair of balls she is sitting on in that picture or am I seeing things? LOL!!!'s picture

(continued from previous)
The only difference I see in Tremaine from other men is that, he cannot enjoy the same normalcies in life that we do because of his status. It is YOU the fans who made it this way, and that is not your fault. The man is GOOD at what he does!...

I also blame HIM because HE allowed the fans to get way too close to him, he got too personal, and now the fans put themselves on a personal level with him which has been an issue for him since day 1..

I am grateful to be able to experience some of the things that we do but IF a fan was held to just being a fan, and not allowed to get personal or on that personal level with him the lashing out regarding who he is dating, his personal business, the fact that you may have had a run in with him NEVER would occur or be talked about. I apologize that you were hurt but part of being a grown woman is knowing that to heal you must let it go and move on... Move on sister, move on...

With Love,
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I am disappointed that this post was even responded to, also in the fact the the writer even felt compelled to post this on a public site where hundreds of people, himself, his team, media, his label, and GOD knows who else could stumble upon this.

From the looks of the picture I "assume" you are a mother, auntie, sister etc? Act like it. Grown women do not act out like this. Children do, and it is what i expect from a child not a mature adult.

Regular men that you meet in your every day lives are, or can be all of the above; however you do not go out waving banners to the world about it.

Not excusing any inappropriate behavior from him, but remember that Tremaine is JUST A MAN.... He is a regular man that bleeds no special or separate kind of blood that is different from that of your "ordinary" man, he is the same as us which means he is capable of the same infidelities, the same capability to hurt and also to inflict pain, capable of not telling the truth all the time, capable of getting caught up in his game etc...

I am sure he is not the first "man" to come into your life who acted in such a manner, and I am sure he won't be the last. That is just life, and it is up to YOU to make better choices. You can't put the blame all on the men ladies. We share some of that responsibility although it may not be deserved. WE after all make the choices to be with these men, we allow them to do the things they do and not demand our respect up front with no negotiation, we lack the self esteem and self respect in ourselves to be able to see it for what it is BEFORE we go off exploring, WE settle for the one night stand, the occasional fling with the celeb; and why???? Because it is exciting for us to be a part of something that most chics never even get that close to having.

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Trey is human just like we all or some more than likely at some point in time he has been all the above things. However Trey has good qualities! Don't try to push your thoughts off on other because you have some problem with Trey. If you dislike him so much why are u on his web sight!?

Change the subject why in the hell do you have that picture with kids as your profile pictures. You got some issues while you trying to point out Trey flaws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at yourself before you start pointing fingers.

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Why did you upload this photo showing children hugging a big black phallus? This photo is a step away from legally being classified as child pornography which is illegal in the U.S. and many countries. This could be classified as child abuse. Pedophiles would find it prurient. I hope you are not the children’s mother. This post says more about your character than Trey's.

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We all have good and bad qualities. And some of the qualities you have mentioned above have been made apparent through his interviews and music. We all know Trey cheated on women in his life. I'm sure he can be a liar. I'm sure he does have insecurities, we all do. Is he a whore monger and sex addict through his music and interviews you just might think so. Is he immature and childish I see those elements from time to time in him. Is he messy? Probably Is he a user? I’m sure he is. He wouldn’t be where he is if he didn’t use someone or something at some point in his life. Fake and deceitful? Maybe Nosey? I think he can be. LOL Obsessed? Yes especially his music.

The thing is he can be all those things at some point in his life. But he also be so much more than that. I noticed he can be very loving, God fearing, Family oriented, very intelligent, personable, good listener, good hearted, goal oriented and so much more.

I have noticed in the past you have made some negative comments about Trey and you gave me the impression that you may know him personally. If you know him personally and he has hurt you let it go. He isn’t worth it. It’s a new year and it should be a new you.

God bless you sis! :)

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I'm with treyzonelove, I'm assuming you dated him once upon a time, or had relations with him? Maybe he told u something that lead u to believe that u guys were gonna be together or u guys couldn't be together cuz he can't devote himself to a relationship right now?

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So are you were dating him or ur a fan who is upset because he was seen with Lauren London?

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Yea he did thats another side to him his fans doesnt know, and yet he lies to the public and tells them he wouldnt be able to devote his time in a relationship at this point in his career but he's spends time with lauren london for christmas and news years day but it doesnt matter anymore because im over it and deserve MUCH better

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I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark, he must have hurt u or someone close to you before. These r some mean words to describe someone u don't know. So, I'm assuming u know him??? Just asking, not tryna be funny.