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would u do a 3 sum with nicki minaj and trey songz lol


  • would u do a 3 sum with nicki minaj and trey songz lol
    April 05, 2011


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on Apr 5, 2011 - 11:49PM
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umm 3 sum.... with another girl??? HELLLL NO! btta him and CB... now we're talkin! yall heard that song by Chris Brown ft. Trey Songz "wait" ?? Its about running trains on girls.... :) bt onli dem 2 i wld neva ACTUALLY have a "3sum" with anybody seems... nasty

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@trinaa33 #WiseAngel lmao

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I wouldn't do one because I know I'd be jealous watching Trey with another girl. Nicki probably wouldn't even touch Trey.

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lol word @ treyzonelove. lloyd is sexy :) but nah. i'm with trinaa33#wise angel on this lol

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Nope something might fall off of Nicki ( her ass ,nose or teeth) now that's scary ,and besides I want Trey all to myself.

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@lisaleigh30 nah just trying to keep it real n bring some excitement to the site through my posts.

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Nicki look mad wack in bed but I would do a threesome wit Trey and the beast tho hahaha



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Dont get down like that bc Im too selfish when it comes to bedroom activities, hehe! So no for me!

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nope not at all

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I would. They both seem like great sexual matches for me. :)

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S Shorty you mad wild. Vita whatz up with the threesome question, have some thoughts lately. But I wouldn't have one, but if i did, I would like to do one with Him and Rihanna before Nicki Minaj, she looks too unreal.

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@Thread starter

I'm not into doing threesomes

I think "4 sums" are better...

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No but I would do one with Trey and Lloyd or Trey and Chris! Lol