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Would u ever cheat on Trey if u were dating him??????

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on June 22, 2010 - 11:18pm
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For me definitely not coz he is d sexiest man alive,,,so why would i ever wanna chest on him,,,,,

pr33ty girl swagg's picture

hell no!!!! bein wit him is all that i would ever need.

exoticmami's picture

No cause with Trey I would be so satisfied I wouldn't want anyone elses love!

TreyBaybezloveis_love's picture

Gosh everyone says no LOL iLL agree Never chated na Relatonship n do iPlan on it No

tricie's picture

I would never cheat on him b/c he is the sexest man alive. I can tell that he is the type of man that would never hurt his gurl and i can also tell that he has a good heart.

Supercupcake2010's picture

no never no matter how bad a relationship is ppl need to stick it out and deal or just leave!

sugashey1's picture

no becuz he doesnt look like the type of man to hurt a gurl n make them want to cheat on him.behind his stage play n all tht he sholud b a great man to b with so no i wouldnt cheat on him

HisGirl NC's picture

i it depends on how he is behind his music but no

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Ashley_LaNae's picture

IDEK it dependszx on his personality an wat he does behind mibac(He DOES ANYTHINQ) bt utha than dhat hell nawl>!!!! Lik u said he's d sexiea\st niqqa alive.!!! NO LIE


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