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Y'all Hear About This Lawsuit?


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on Feb 8, 2011 - 09:56AM
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figures. they see trey doing good for himself and try to bring him down. but im sure he'll be ok. im praying for the best

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@JesusIsMySavior, I'm going to say that TS is still performing the song b/c either way, his name is still attached to it. It's already on his album & on the charts. The Plaintiffs can't take their song back or TS' strides away, they can only add their names to the credits & reap the benefits.

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@SShorty, "Of course I suspect the majority of the blame falls on Kane Beatz shoulders because he should have been upfront and honest about the whole thing" I'm sure. It's usually one conspirator that tries to get over & ends up hurting everyone and the most known name is always the biggest in the headline. I'm sure $18 mil won't be the verdict, but if the dude is owned rights &/or money, he should get it.

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I agree @SShorty.. Trey and his team are innocent. It's the behind the scenes "corporates" that has caused this problem. And it's an unfortunate situation..

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This is fucked up. I sure hate that my baby Trey has to through something like this.

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My thing is why is Trey still performing the song if he it's in violation of it's copy write. James is the one that sold the song to K. Beatz. It's the company that James recorded the beat at that has the issue. They are the ones that want their names to be added to the producing credits.

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Now I'd like to think Trey and his team are innocent but here's the thing

how are you going to give Tony Scales written credits and not producer credits as well?

They have only listed Kane Beatz as producer when he only added elements to the song
and they made a royal cock-up on the credits
because they have Milton James and Tony Scales listed as two separate persons
but Milton James is "Tony Scales"

The mere fact that both those names appears under writing credits suggests to me that they knew of Milton James aka Tony Scales involvement with the song "Bottoms Up"

Of course I suspect the majority of the blame falls on Kane Beatz shoulders because he should
have been upfront and honest about the whole thing; but $18 million does seem a tad over the top.

However James and co., should receive some monetary compensation though especially after they claim that they sent the record company cease-and-desist letters...that should have tipped Trey off to a problem in the making...such a shame, but copyrights and credits are a serious matter.

The verdict: Trey must pay what he owes...

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Girl my mom told me about it a few weeks back soo I had to do my investigation on it and sadly to say Trey, Nicki, and Kodak is being sued for 18 million...:'('s picture

@sexyface21 Trey will not have to pay the whole 18 mill..... He is not the only person name in the law suit. However, I hate to see him have to go through this. Lets keep him in our prayers cause this could have a bad affect on his career. But I believe and pray that everything will come out in Trey favore.

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Thats some bullshit seriously these lawsuits need to be stopped ppl are just getting outta hand!

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Wow that's crazy

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Yeah, I'm sure this situation will be worked out amicably, but it sucks to have to be dragged into a lawsuit, not to mention your endorsement.

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that 18 million is spread out to all those named in the suit.'s picture

yes Kg Sunshine and its absoultly sad girl. I am praying for trey and i hope that this lawsuit is handled accordingly and that he does not have to pay the full 18 million cause thats a lot of money and it could set him back big time.