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    January 24, 2011

    Did you attend the OMG tour? Did you win Ultimate Angel or the Angel Mission for the OMG Tour? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want to hear from you. Please comment below and let me know what your Trey Songz experience was like. If you got to meet Trey, please share what that experience was like for you. (Please include the City and Date of the show you attended)




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on Jan 24, 2011 - 06:27PM

Did you attend the OMG tour? Did you win Ultimate Angel or the Angel Mission for the OMG Tour? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want to hear from you. Please comment below and let me know what your Trey Songz experience was like. If you got to meet Trey, please share what that experience was like for you. (Please include the City and Date of the show you attended)




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yes i in MSG both dates i attend the concert but on Dec 13 2010 was the day i one the OMG mission and ultimate angel at first but i was upset because i was force 2 come down from ultimate angel be cause i was meet trey from he mission other than that it was a good experience but i got 2 c for the who knows time cause anytime he has something in NYC NJ or the TRI state im there any way all my NYC/NJ/TRI ANGELS stand up love all my angels but the ones close 2 home i heart alot but back 2 the OMG i love it and all 3 guys did lovely

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I met Trey at November 12th, 2010 (BEST DAY EVER) in Oakland,Ca. I won the skip the line. I loved meeting the other Angels. We kept saying there's no way Trey is going to enter in the front of the store. Then we saw a worker walking by and asked, and she just gave us a look. So me and another angel ran to the front of the store. Just as we got to the front, the black SUV pulled up. Lonzo got out and opened Trey's door. I swear it was like only 10 people standing by the front entrance. Everyone started to scream and he waved as he entered the store. Then me and another angel screamed Trey's name, and he turned around and saw we had on Angel Shirts and came back to wave at us. Then when he went in, we ran back to get in line. We got in line assuming he was just signing our cd, and then Dontae (@BodyGuardNSuit) came out and said, "Angels you get to take a picture with Trey too". OMG I almost died. So when I walked in the room, Trey's focus was immediately on me. I walked up to the front of the table, and Dontae said come around and stand next to him. So as I was walking I said "Hi Trey", and started handing him the gift I got him. I stood at the side of the table and Trey said, "Come closer baby". I was like wow, they're going to let me get this close to him. As I was walking closer he started to peek in the bag to see what I got him. I said, "Don't worry, I hooked you up". I gave him my cd cover. He asked me what's my name. Then he asked how do I spell it. I told him and he said, "That's pretty". I said thank you and then he stood up. I didn't even get to see what Trey had on until I looked at my pics because I was focused on his Teeth. That man has some PERFECT TEETH!!! When he hugged me, I said "Could you hug me tighter"? Then he said, "Is this tight enough" as he squeezed me. My heart stopped. Then I said thank you and bye and I left.

I entered UA, but I didn't win. I tweeted my UA pic to Trey and he tweeted me back a kiss. The perfect Trey Songz experience!!!!

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MANN where do i start...OMG concert was one of the best concerts i've attended in a while!! Miguel, Trey and Usher K I L L E D it!!!!

I won skip the line, we didnt find out about Skip the line til the day of, which was a major throw off for NC angels; we were only given about an hour to enter, but for many angels it was too late because we were already in the line waiting. However, i guess everything was in my favor because i left my card at home that i had for Trey so i had to get out of line to go and get it. luckily @TreysAngels sent out a tweet about entering just as i got home. i entered and went back to Best Buy not really expecting to receive an email saying i was one of the 25 angels...that was a blessing. this was my 2nd time meeting Trey and this time it was more intimate and i loved it. he is truly an amazing person and extremely welcoming.

I entered the Ultimate angel contest but didnt win...but the concert was just an amazing experience. i definitely talked about it for months and i still talk about it. Trey actually pointed me out twice during the show, i guess i stood out because of my blinking wings :)

Greensboro NC

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Hey Lady,

My OMG tour experience was in Oakland California, November12th. It was the first concert my girl @MzShaynaKris has ever been too. I won skip the line and the Angel mission so you know I was so excited.

Skip the Line
At best buy I was nervous at first but you walk in and he gives you "that smile" it can do one of two things make you pass out or put you at ease and he put me at ease. So I walk up to the table and he was like come around here close to me (really Trey) lol. So I went on the side of the table and we chatted a bit he asked my name and I told him. I asked him would he sign another cover for my friend that lives in Turkey and he did. I had a card in my hand for him that some of the Angels signed he asked "what's this" I said oh it's for you...He was like give it to me then (in my head I was like right on this floor in front of everyone) but he was talking about the card lol. So after I gave him the card we hugged took pic #1 and he was like Bye Glo...see that did it for me because we were connected from there.

After the Angel Mission (Backstage)
Well you know Trey is super cool so he comes out shirtless of course and was like "wassup ya'll" I was like oh you did so gooood he said thank you and he was like wassup ya'll again and we were all quiet and I was thinking I really wish they all leave. :) So he talked to every1 individually and then it was my turn my hands were freezing. He gave me a hug and we took another picture (2 pics in one day, thanks to that luck @Ozshaleek sent me) he signed my wings he asked my name was I started pouting he said babygirl I meet so many people I forget and I said but I thought I made an impression in looked at me and said your name is Gloria and you have a friend named Gloria and I signed a CD cover for her too and it said Merry Christmas. I was like I knew you loved me, he smiled. Then it was over, he said his goodbyes we went back to see the concert... I will never forget that day it was Great.

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I attended the OMG Tour on Dec 3rd in Chicago. Everytime I attend a Trey Songz concert, I become a bigger fan. He kills the stage at every performance. The intro to his performance at OMG Tour was HOT!!! I loved every minute of it!!!

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I met trey Dec.8,2010 in Baltimore, MD for the 3rd time I won skip the line. The skip the line contest was the same day as the show. This time I wasn’t as nerves. I was the 2nd to last person in line, so I had time to get myself together . mad sure my hair was straight and my red lipstick was right. As the line got smaller the more excited I became. So now it’s my turn as I walk into the room I see so many face’s I recognize, from Ci Ci, Jo Jo , Dontae, Alonzo and then Trey. He gives me a hug with a kiss on my cheek. Then asks me what I wanted he to sign. I give him my PPP cd and my ready cd. He puts my name on the PPP cd because he already had signed it from the last signing and then he signs my ready cd “ To Janae love trey songz” . then Ci Ci takes our picture. Trey hugged me three more times and all I could say was thanks you. I told him good luck tonight with the show. He asked would I be there and I smiled and said yes 6 roll whoop whoop. he smiles and says I know that’s right whoop whoop, which made me laugh as I walked out. Going to the show was great. I never had sets that close. Trey took us into his world, and I enjoyed every minute of it . He also shouted me out I had my treys angels top on with a halo. Going to see trey never gets old. Because he changes it all the time. I really had a wonderful time meeting trey and attending the OMG tour that I went to the DC show also. Can’t wait till my time comes again to meet trey.

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I went to the OMG Concert in Detroit Michigan on I wanna say Dec. 2nd..... I'll start with the negative.....I didn't win the line skip lol I was a little upset but I got over it because I was still going to the concert and I still had a chance to win the ultimate angel contest.....I'd spent weeks on the poster I made ......When I got to the Joe Louis Arena....they told me poster boards were not aloud inside.....that was a bust I was sooo mad but I just brushed it off like ok i'll take the picture outside......and send it in....So I took the picture and put the board back in the car.....I got in and the picture would not send..... at all...... I spent a lot of time trying to get a signal and THEN my phone died....So I never got to enter my board....I was so devastated because I really thought I had a good chance at winning......... But enough of that.....I thought he was incredible.....He is such a great performer, I was literally sweating when he performed lol.....I haven't met him in person yet....but i'm hoping to in the near future......

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I had an amazing time at the OMG Concert. i had seen Trey twice during the year and originally had not planned on attending the OMG concert behind money issues. Fortunately one CaliAngel had an extra ticket for the San Diego Show and invited me to join her. i had won both skip the line contests for San diego and LA instores. i attended the san diego show on November 18, 2010. Earlier that day i traveled down to San diego to meet trey at the best buy store which was my first time meeting him and i was very excited. I can still remember it like it was yesterday, i was so nervous and excited at the same time that it made me jumpy lol.He was so nice and such a sweetheart. I also entered the Ultimate Angel contest and i won i was so excited to meet him again.Then the next day i met him again at the borders store in LA, i asked him if he remebered me and he did which made me smile. In total i met trey 3 times within 24 hrs and i couldnt be more excited and grateful. Before November 18 i thought i had the worst luck when it came to winning contests but that change once the OMG tour rolled around. I can truly say that 2010 was a great year and meeting trey just top it, and in 2011 i hope to see trey again but this time with a few of my angel sisters :-)

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I won Angel Mission 4 December 27th Tour in Nashville. A special thanks to Star Angel "Recca" Trigga Unit MS for the ticket cause without that ticket I would not have gotten the chance to meet him. Trey's performance was great. Also, rite before the show Dontae saw me & said Hey Angel!! I had great seats rite by the stage. I found out that I won the Angel Mission rite before Xmas so it was great gift. I was so nervous throughout the show that I really didn't enjoy it as much. Once we were taken down to meet him it felt so surreal!! I was like wow I am really going to meet Trey Songz. He came in and gave us all hugs and I got a kiss on the forehead yay me!! Then we all took our picture & he signed autographs. I wish I would have been able to talk cause I was silent the whole time & nervous. Oh and he smelled so good I just wanted him to hold me longer! I drove 5 hours to see him & also had to make hotel reservations & all and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!! One of the best days of my life and I will never forget it. Special Thanks to Trey Songz & Treys Angels 4 making this possible!! A dream come true!!

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it was soooo hot! and trey looked incredible;
i had my SUPERHUGE ready poster holding it high as i could;
&& i was up top so he looked around tuh see if any angels were there and he said
[baby up top with the poster i c u baby] *i died* lmao;
thats what i remember..GREAT SHOW && shout out too the angels
that were there on the left side in the front :)

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Yes, I did Mo & let me tell ya, I had a great time! Dallas, TX AAC Nov 24th, day before Thnxgiving. I had meet Trey earlier that day at the Redbird Mall at a M&G, gave him his b-day card, which he thanked me for. I didnt get a chance to take a pic w/ him bc he was pressed for time to get ready for the show, but I did get that beautiful pic of him! Hes so sweet & polite! Him, Miguel & Usher packed the house & all 3 put on an awesome performance! Although Usher turned the place out, I wanted more of Trey, hehe! That was my first time seeing him perform live, but it wasnt my first time meeting/seeing him. I took my Mother & two of my sisters along w/ me & my MOther is now a Trey Songz fan, hehe! All she kept saying was "how did I miss him?" She knows better now, lol!

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The OMG tour was great December 17th at Verizon Center in DC. Trey did a awsome job he always switches it up even after i saw him at the PPP tour on September 4th. He brings it. Usher did fantastic seeing it was his tour. Trey did not get much time to perform but thats okay he still killed it and Im sure he gon bring it harder at the Love Faces tour on February 12th. CANT WAIT!! Also angels follow me twitter @bdaygurl_127 tryna get in touch with my sisters!! I follow back.

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I met trey at the OMG tour on December 14, 2010 in New York at Madison Square Garden..
The OMG tour was great. I enjoyed Usher performance as well as Miguel. Trey's performance was great as always & he had the crowd at its feet when he performed all his hits. I got to meet him backstage with the other winners for his angel mission & ultimate angel mission with another angel who won that I came to the concert with. Trey was such a sweetheart and a gentleman He took a pic with each of us and signed whatever we had. Everytime I think about it I can't help but smile! It was the best night ever! :)

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It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life... I won the skip the line contest so i was able to meet Trey earlier that day. I was in total shock and could barely remember my name..i have to admit i cried because it was not only an honor but a real pleasure to finally be able to meet the man that i love and respect with all my heart... The concert was incredible Trey did his thing i attended the concert in Chicago on Dec. 03... And though i didn't win the Ultimate Angel contest being dressed as one of Trey's Angels was the best.

Love Faces here i come Feb. 14, 2011's picture

Hey fellow Angels...I did not get to attend the OMG tour as the Norfolk,VA show was cancelled. I did have the pleasure of meeting a ton of beautiful women who all had a common interest Trey. I have to say I was dissapointed with the show being cancelled but was thankful that GOD had put us together as I don't know that I have ever felt so comfortable around strangers...I felt we bonded from the beginning, S/O to the cougar crew...u know who you u ladies :). I saw Trey about 4 times last year, the OMG tour would have made the 5th. I was really amped for the show because it gave me a chance to show my creativity for the ultimate angel contest which I still have part of the gift for him. I just knew in my mind I was going to be the winner...claim it or be defeated. I have not had the chance to meet him up close and personal just briefly at the cd signings. I appreciate all of the hardwork and compassion that Trey shows us his fans too the fullest...I can't wait to see him in DC on the 12th and wherever his next tour stop takes us...I do know one thing, I will be getting VIP tix for the next show. xoxoxo ladies & congrats 2 all of the ultimate angel ladies represented our wings to the fullest

@bnsexe4u aka ~TranquilAngel~

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I attended the Omg tour on December 10th and won an Angel Mission! I went to high school around the arena yet the idea of meeting Trey Songz had it where I forgot how to get there. The show was amazing each performance. Everyone who works for Trey is so down to earth, the other Angels are sweet hearts and Trey is so nice. He makes it so that you dont even want to go back out to see the rest of the show, Now the questions people think but sometimes don't ask. Yes Trey is Very handsome, he smells good , he talks just that country and is really funny and that walk must be because of the beast :) (just kidding about the walk). Angels dream big because they do come true!


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I had a blast at the OMG TOUR Dec 16, 2010 ! At first I wasn't gonna go b|c I didn't have the money for a ticket ! Then I found out the radio station " power99FM in Philly " was giving away tickets ! So I called for 2 weeks straight to try & win but each time I kept getting let down ! Lol soooo it was 2 days b4 the show & I was NOT giving up ! Lol it was DEC 14 I was caller number 1, 2, 3, 5, & 16 ! But you had to be caller number 19 to win ! -_- Lol so I called back DEC 15 ( the night b4 the show) & was caller number 2 ! & I was like wait ! " I refuse to hang up w|o trey tickets ! Remember me from yesterday I was caller 1 2 3 5 & 16 " & he was like " yess ! You really want these tickets huh ?" I screamed " yesss I really do " lmaoo. & he told me " well since you a die hard fan for trey ima give you 2 OMG TOUR TICKETS TO GO SEE TREY & USHER TOMORROW !!!!! " I started crying & screaming ! Lol :DDD tears of joy !!! Sooo with the extra ticket I had. . . I surprised my cuzn for her birthdayyyyy ! :) & we both met trey ! He smell sooo good !!!!




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I attended the OMG tour in Chicago, Il on December 3, 2010! It was amazing, it was the very first time I had the pleasure of witnessing the magic- which is Trey!
I had seen him earlier that day in Lansing,Il at the Best Buy Cd signing, that too was doubly amazing as I was literally inches away from him! I wanted to tell him that we shared initials, but I thought he mighth've thought that was lame. I can honestly say that he did not disappoint me in any way but rather I gained a deeper respect for him and his insane work ethic, reminiscent of one- Will Smith! Trey seemed to be very humbled by all the fans and their willingness to wait outside in the Chicago (COLD) winter to see him. I, myself waited outside for 5 hours to see him, now I'm not saying that that will become a habit for me but what I will say is that I don't regret that fun filled day!!!

Tywone Smith- TS


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December 13 NYC (angel mission)
December 14 NYC
December 18 CT (ultimate angel)

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ok i went to 3 omg shows, i won ultimate angel CT, i did angel mission New york, I really dont know what to say other than it was an amazing feeling, seen him like 5 times last year- 3 times hugging and touching :-) (LAST YEAR that is) time since this year already hehehe in DC at Love anyways yeaaaaaahhhhh- i dont know what else to say, i just love him more and more everyday!'s picture

OH YEAH!! Saw Trey 7 times last year but still no m/g as of yet. I see his family a lot since I work in Petersburg. Saw Trey perform 5 times and 2 cd signings but was disappointed when Norfolk was canceled but that has not stopped me yet. I've driven from Richmond to Baltimore to New york and Jersey but Toronto was the bomb.He needs to tour Puerto Rico. So as you can see I travel a lot for Trey and loving every bit of it I just need a partner so I can get VIP.They need to let us purchase singles instead of pairs.Looking forward to DC to meet up with all the Angels.

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I truly enjoyed myself at the OMG Concert. It was my 5th time seeing Trey last year. My sister and I attended the December 17, 2010 show in D.C at the Verizon Center. We had floor seats we were so so close to the stage and it was amazing. I started my morning off listening to all of Trey Songz music so I could be even more hype for the show. I loved every single song that he sang and of course when my song Love Faces came on there was no stopping me, I sang at the top of my I entered the Angel Mission but didn't get chosen and the Ultimate Angel Contest but was upset when they took my poster from me :-( but got over it. I felt like Trey was singing to me the whole time that's what made the show even special to me, he has that ability to make every girl feel like he is only singing to them. Usher and Miguel did an awesome job as well. I was also able to meet some fellow sister Angels which was awesome. All I know is that at the end I was saying OMG! and I was on a high for like 2 weeks after the concert *sigh*. I ended my year perfectly and I am starting it off perfectly by going to see Trey along with all my sisters on the Love Faces Tour Feb 12, 2011 here in D.C. and I so can't wait :-).

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YES I had a Blast on December 28 here in New Orleans that was the Best Birthday gift ever from Bestie next 2 My God Child ... No I didn't meet Trey :+( but I still had a Great tyme....