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I'm LOVIN me sum "Hail Mary"!! But I also love "Simply Amazing", "Dive In", "Heart Attack", "2Reasons", & "Panty Wetter"!! I jz LOVE the whole damn album!! LOL!! IT'S ALL GREAT!!

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On: Sep 02, 2012

ALL there is 2really say here is THANK U, Trey!! 4even bein TRUE 2ur fans & recognizing how MUCH we LOVE & CARE bout u as an artist & a man!! U've allowed us 2actually be a PART of ur journey & that says A LOT bout u cuz MOST celebs WON'T do what u do!!! & JZ THAT means SOOOO MUCH MORE than u'll EVER know!! U aren't JZ an artist 2us...ur an inspiration & a blessing from GOD! U taking time out jz 2write this reassures me jz how GREAT of a man u are!! It shows us jz HOW MUCH u TRULY DO love & cherish us as fans along with your music & career!! I'm SO VERY PROUD 2say that I'm a HUGE fan of Trey Songz & WOULD LOVE 2get 2know Tremaine!! (slim chance 2that...LOL!) & I CAN'T WAIT 2become an official Trey's Angel!! So ur welcome & BIG THANKS again back 2u...I LOVE U MORE than u'll EVER know!! Keep doin what ur doin & stayin true & bein real!! Keep GOD 1st & MANY MORE blessings will come ur way as they are doin so now!! & u DESERVE EVERY 1of them!!

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On: Sep 02, 2012
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