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I don't see anything wrong with the price to the renew a membership. But the price of shipping is is an issue (which is the same for a new member as stated before). A new member is receiving a t shirt, a dog tag, and a welcome letter that shipping should be clearly more than renewal membership who is just receiving a pin. --------Yes I have received my pin.-----------

On: Nov 19, 2011

You know we in.......

On: Nov 10, 2011

Congrats To both of You...... keep up the hardwork.

On: Apr 01, 2011

Angels........ keep on the look out for some upcoming post......Keep posting your academic achievements throughout the year......Good Job

On: Feb 24, 2011

We have a lot of very intelligent Angels.... Keep up the hard work….. it will pay off.

On: Feb 09, 2011
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